Young CEO Moe Falah on Building Cleaner Homes with Solar Energy and Fostering a Driven Team

November 06 01:06 2021
Young CEO Moe Falah on Building Cleaner Homes with Solar Energy and Fostering a Driven Team

At 26 years old, Moe Falah, founder and CEO of Simple Solar, has built one of the fastest-growing door-to-door (or D2D) sales companies in the United States. Moe has created a business approach that not only ensures growth in sales but also offers his team growth opportunities and allows them to secure the future of their families. With such an impressive run so far in his industry, many are wondering what more Moe will accomplish.

During his first year in the clean energy industry, Moe successfully scaled Simple Solar to gain over $25 million in total sales. The CEO then continually lived up to expectations as the company nabbed the recognition for fastest-growing D2D company in the country for both 2020 and 2021. Today, he is leading over 100 team members to reach the goal of $150 million in annual sales.

Moe Falah has received multiple awards from various award-giving bodies. He was named the Renewable Energy CEO of the Year—USA and Employee-Focused CEO of the Year—USA by Business Worldwide Magazine. Additionally, Simple Solar was hailed as the D2DCon 2021 Most Improved Company. The CEO has also co-authored a book by Kevin Harrington and Jim Britt entitled Cracking the Rich Code, Volume 5.

Beyond his entrepreneurial brilliance and expertise, Moe Falah is known within his industry for his leadership. He believes that a business should help people become the best versions of themselves, and he is fulfilling that ideology through Simple Solar. The CEO emphasizes the value of personal development, high standards, great culture, and accountability. As a result, his team members have been proven to perform three times greater than the national average, which then translates to company sales and growth.

Moe Falah is not shy in attributing Simple Solar’s success to the people behind the company working alongside himself. He acknowledges the incredible back-end support the company has to service the sales team, the leadership in place to guide best practices in sales and ethics,  and the salesmen catering to customers’ needs with the highest level of professionalism. “You don’t work for Simple Solar. Simple Solar works for you.” This is the statement the CEO strives to imprint in the mindsets of the professionals working in Simple Solar. 

Additionally, Moe has worked with individuals who struggle to regain the confidence they used to have for themselves. He helps them unlearn their self-limiting beliefs and ideologies that they have possibly picked up from previous working environments. Moe pushes his team to break boundaries and establish a new mindset that will drive them to success.

In two years or less, Moe Falah aims to build a 1,000-person sales team and help over 50,000 families a year go solar. The CEO believes that solar energy is the best investment families and homeowners could make for their homes. In addition, he stresses how solar power can help them achieve financial energy independence and uphold an ethical responsibility.

For now, Moe Falah is still on the lookout for success-hungry, motivated, ambitious, and driven individuals to become part of his team. The CEO wants to train the next generation of solution-oriented minds to lead the future of clean, renewable energy.

To learn more and connect with Moe Falah, visit him on Instagram.

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