Cloud Rush digital currency mining uses up to 30% less energy than standard bitcoin mining

November 05 04:33 2021

Los Angeles, CA – November 4th, 2021 – Cloud Rush Incorporated, a new Filecoin mining facilitator in Brea, California, is proud to announce that their core Filecoin mining business is up to 30% more energy efficient using Proof of Spacetime (PoSt) mining than standard bitcoin mining which requires Proof of Work (PoW) mining.

Standard bitcoin mining requires miners to solve a very difficult mathematical equation (PoW) to earn the chance to mine a bitcoin. As the bitcoin platform has matured, the math problems have become exponentially more difficult and now require extremely powerful computers, known as ASIC equipment, to determine the answer. There can be thousands or hundreds of thousands of computers trying to solve the problem, but there can only be one winner. Each computer trying to solve the problem uses a lot of energy, which is why bitcoin mining requires significant energy availability.

Cloud Rush mines its digital currency with Filecoin, a platform that requires Proof-of Spacetime (PoSt); PoSt mining requires miners to prove to the network that they have reserved a “spacetime” resource, meaning they have allocated storage capacity to the network over some time. Proof-of-Spacetime mining requires up to 30% less energy than bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work mining protocol.

“Cloud Rush is very proud of the Filecoin mining platform we have established in the United States,” says Bruce Li, President of Cloud Rush. “Our datacenter has earned an Energy Star Certification, which means they are already very energy efficient.”

About Cloud Rush:

A recent startup, Cloud Rush has obtained a solid investment from Singapore’s CR Capital Foundation and other investors. Cloud Rush is headquartered in Southern California and has a technical department in Shanghai and operation centers in Singapore and Hong Kong. Cloud Rush is poised for significant growth in the growing digital currency market.

Cloud Rush has built a complete Filecoin storage mining system for itself and for mining customers. The company uses only high-end mining equipment suppliers such as Supermicro and ASUS. Our mining equipment exceeds the standards recommended by Filecoin.

For more information on Cloud Rush, please contact Bill Cavaness, Content Manager at Cloud Rush, at [email protected], or call 626-779-2286.

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