DeskStand, Inc. Upgrades its Patented JUMBO DeskStand™

November 05 04:21 2021
The upgraded JUMBO DeskStand offers a stronger build and a more superior ergonomic design.

The leading company for eco-friendly, sit-stand workstations, DeskStand, Inc., is taking its patented JUMBO DeskStand™ to the next level with the new addition of functional features. This standing desk converter is height adjustable with ample workspace, making it perfect for any home office or work setup. It offers improved durability, stability, and ergonomic configuration to help individuals lead a healthier lifestyle as they work from home or in the office.

Ryan Roberts, founder of DeskStand, Inc., designed and created the first DeskStand™ to address back problems caused by extended periods of sitting. After finding out that standing can help alleviate his back pain, in addition to other health benefits, Roberts opted to build his own standing desk.

Design upgrades, fueled by his passion for making life more comfortable and healthier, resulted in the JUMBO DeskStand™, which is designed to meet the needs of the multi-tasking, modern, workforce.

In the US, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has an Ergonomics Regulation that legislates the need for ergonomics to prevent musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace. Poor ergonomics have a significant impact on posture, health, and even on work productivity and focus.

The JUMBO DeskStand™ is changing the way people work so much that it is now endorsed by chiropractors and other professionals associated with wellness. Standing while using it enhances focus and maintains high energy levels.

“The JUMBO DeskStand™ has a proven track record in reducing neck tension, improving core posture, and relieving lower back pain,” says Roberts. Read DeskStand, Inc., customer reviews on Google here.

Despite its deceptively simple appearance, the ergonomic standing desk is fitted with four precisely cut and angled panels to allow seamless height adjustment for sitting and standing. The 10-slot ladder unit can accommodate a wider variety of user heights and ergonomic settings for various workstyles.

The improved design can now hold up to 44lb – a vast difference from the previous version, which could only support weight over 22lb. The JUMBO DeskStand™ can house two screens on the top shelf and a keyboard and mouse for the lower shelf. It contains a built-in cable manager and smartphone/tablet holder.

Aside from its practical features, the JUMBO DeskStand™ is built with sustainability in mind. It is specifically designed to pack flat to save shipping space and reduce carbon footprint. The company also switched from pine plywood to birch plywood for longer-lasting and more durable quality. The birch was sourced from FSC certified, sustainable forests.

Local carpenters and cabinet makers meticulously handcraft each ergonomic workstation.

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