An innovative artist has created an app that is transforming the art world

November 04 23:15 2021
The Mokosh AR Gallery app is revamping the way emerging artists showcase their work.

London, UK – Victoria Iungerich is excited to announce the launch of the Mokosh AR Gallery app. The software, which is currently available on the Apple Store and Google Play, will allow artists to publish their work and enable consumers to choose an image to project onto their wall. Victoria Iungerich, the founder of Arts Aggregate – an artist collective established to support the work of emerging and early career artists – created the app as a platform for showcasing the artworks of rising talent.

The world has been reshaped by technology, and the implications of the pandemic are having a significant impact on the art market. While these developments influence everyone, the artists at the bottom of the art market have been the hardest hit. The objective of Arts Aggregate is to promote emerging artists by providing them with opportunities to present their work to a wider audience. Since its inception, Arts Aggregate has discovered that, in addition to artists, there are a growing number of aspiring art collectors who face several challenges in breaking into the market.

According to Victoria Iungerich, the Mokosh AR Gallery app is the logical response to several trends artists and collectors face including,

•  Many industries have been forced to move online

•  Art galleries, fairs, and events are experimenting with the AR experience

•  Currently there exists no dedicated marketplace for emerging artists

Already a trailblazer for her 2016 launch of the Mokosh Gallery – a nomad gallery enabling artists to collaborate with alternative spaces for their exhibitions – Iungerich recognized the market’s unique conditions and created a game-changing app to assist emerging artists in exhibiting their work.

The app is not just for artists. Mokosh AR Gallery app is also a wonderful resource for emerging collectors to interact with and discover new artists and their work. The aim of Mokosh AR Gallery app is to connect new artists with new collectors.

Similarly, as the company works to enhance the app, Iungerich envisions the next stage as developing a platform for aspiring artists to create profiles and market their work. Iungerich intends to build a database of artists as well as a forum for them to share their work and practice. Iungerich is also encouraging artists to begin creating and communicating. Mokosh AR Gallery is eager to create an online community so that, once the app is complete, it can serve as the go-to option for a new fine art marketplace for budding artists.

The innovative app is the first of its kind and will revolutionize the way emerging artists introduce themselves and their work to the world. Moreover, collectors will have a unique method of discovering new talent and sampling their works prior to making an investment. The app is ultimately going to be an indispensable tool in the art world.

Iungerich is presently inviting emerging and early-career artists to follow them on social media and try out the app as is, providing feedback to help the team know what features artists think are vital.

About Mokosh AR Gallery:

Mokosh AR Gallery is a cutting-edge app that allows artists to share their work with a wider audience while also allowing potential collectors to discover and enjoy the work of emerging artists. Victoria Iungerich, an artist, and the creator of Art Aggregate founded Mokosh. In her work, Iungerich typically uses materials and techniques associated with feminine crafts and occupations, which she identifies with her background growing up in Ukraine. Her work has been exhibited globally in cities that include London, San Diego, and Los Angeles. In 2017, she initially established Mokosh as a nomad gallery that supports new artists by using unconventional spaces. She hopes that by adding the app, she can expand on this concept and revolutionize how artists exhibit their work and how collectors purchase these works of art.

The Mokosh AR Gallery app is available for download on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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