BioFunctional Health Solutions Releases ‘Employer’s Guide to Complying With Covid Testing Mandates’

November 04 21:54 2021
Brent Kruel, BioFunctional Health Solutions CEO, has constructed a detailed guide for employers about how to prepare for and comply with the new federal Covid-19 testing mandates.

It’s a new world out there for employers when it comes to the federal Covid-19 testing mandates. With the final order having yet to be released, employers are in a bit of limbo regarding the how and the what of the mandate. President Biden announced the order for employers, with 100 or more employees, on September 9th.  Since that announcement, employers are still awaiting final details.  

In this guide, Brent addresses who the mandate currently affects and discusses the lessons that employers, who have already implemented programs, have learned. He recommends that employers lead with proactive, sensitive, and frequent communication to avoid the misfires many companies have experienced. He also offers insight into how and why companies should prepare, in spite of the official mandate not being released. 

There is a lot of speculation and anxiety among employers about what the final “temporary emergency standard” will be. Brent encourages employers to get started now to ensure testing supplies and the medical personnel to do so are in place. Not only could a lack of preparation lead to a company being out of compliance, but it could also negatively impact the employer/employee relationship. 

This detailed, helpful, and timely guide is meant to educate, encourage, and support employers during this challenging time. Included in this guide are helpful to-do lists to help employers get started, as well as how to evaluate an onsite Point of Care Rapid Testing program partner. Employers interested in keeping their employees safe, while remaining in compliance, will find everything they need to get started in this guide. 

The team at BioFunctional Health Solutions Inc is not only the leader in healthy workplace solutions, but also innovators as well. They’ve brought the science of soft tissue therapies, previously only used in the field of professional athletics, to the American workforce. And that’s just one of the ways BioFunctional Health Solutions is bringing health innovations to the masses. They recently launched “YouMari”, the first hands-on self-treatment system, to identify and treat musculoskeletal injuries from anywhere. Their innovative health systems are also cost-effective, making them available to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and individuals alike.

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