Lacrosse Gains Popularity as Sportoong Reports

November 04 17:46 2021
Lacrosse Gains Popularity as Sportoong Reports
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Lacrosse is gaining in popularity in North America, according to a report by Sportoong. Lacrosse has been steadily growing since it was introduced to the United States and Canada over 100 years ago. The sport reached its peak of popularity during the 20th century but declined in favor of other sports such as basketball and football. Recently, however, lacrosse has seen an upsurge in participation rates due to increased media coverage and outreach programs from governing bodies like US Lacrosse.

The Sportoong survey found that more than 3 million people played lacrosse at least once last year, with nearly 780 thousand playing on a regular basis (once per week or more). This is up from just 1 million participants who played regularly four years ago, demonstrating a clear increase in the sport’s popularity.

This is good news for lacrosse businesses like retailers of lacrosse equipment and apparel as well as companies that provide sports sponsorships to athletes or teams. Not only are more people playing but they are also spending up to $50 on average per month on their gear depending on how often they play each week. This means there is plenty of revenue potential for any company specializing in these products/services which will continue increasing if more Americans learn about this exciting sport!

“The demand for this exciting new sport is exploding,” says Sports Analyst Oliver Davies of Sportoong reports. “We’ve seen tremendous growth over the past five years with no signs of slowing down. Lacrosse really is a great sport for everyone – young and old, men and women alike.”

Despite having such a wide range of potential fans, Lacrosse remains one of the most affordable sports on the market today with an average annual cost between $30-$50 per player depending on how often they play each week which means more revenue opportunities for companies specializing in these products/services.

Sportoong is a company that benefits from this growth. Lacrosse players on Google search for 20% more words this year than last year. Lacrosse experts at Sportoong promise to work harder in the future to write more articles on tactics and tips for playing this interesting sport.

With this huge growth spurt and its history as an integral part of Native American culture, it’s no surprise that more people are discovering how fun and challenging lacrosse can be! If you would like help getting started or want some advice on where to find lacrosse equipment please visit Sportoong website.

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