“How to Grow and Monetize Social Media to Scale Your Business”, Lovely Lyenecia Speaks

November 04 00:38 2021
From having a $1,000 brand to scaling & teaching millennials to scale $100k a month

Lovely Lyenecia is delighted to announce that young people looking for strategies and techniques for effectively growing their social media accounts to scale their businesses and personal brands, can rely on her company’s wealth of experience in business development and social media management to spur the growth that they desire.

“Social Media goes beyond just vanity metrics. Because let’s face it, it doesn’t matter if you have 100K likes or followers, if they never convert into any sales,” Lyenecia says.

The 24-year-old business coach entered the complex world of business management after being laid off from her job.

Deciding that it was time to invest in herself and give back to others, Lyenecia viewed her job loss as an opportunity to leverage her marketing, management, and business coaching skills to establish her firm.

In 2018, Lyenecia launched a credit restoration company that specialized in repairing personal credit and also educating individuals on how they could establish corporate business credit with their EIN. Through that, the marketing expert realized that many millennials desired to establish enterprises of their own, but didn’t have a clue on how to begin.

“The only thing I wish schools did differently & what I know we can change; is how we educate our children and the generation thereafter. The problem is, we’re not taught to be the 1%. Instead, we’re taught to put into a system instead of having faith in our own businesses. We are not teaching our children how to build credit & acquire assets-we are teaching them how to fail and be in debt.” – Lovely Lyenecia, CEO of Millennial Millionaire Plug, LLC

And so in September 2019, Lovely Lyenecia launched Millennials Millionaires LLC – a web-based coaching company, and Millennial Millionaires Podcast through which she teaches business formation, credit development, grant writing, and social media marketing.

According to Lyenecia, social media has made it possible to build an audience from scratch and also make an impact on the world. And given the sheer breadth of the worldwide audience, the business founder believes it is reasonable to believe that people can easily find a niche market for their products.

Lyenecia maintains that the trick to getting it right with social media marketing is to ensure the right products are being targeted at the right audience.

The social media experts revealed that her brand focuses on helping youths find their generational wealth. Adding that her mission is to guide young people into exploring their unique knowledge, and convert their natural talents into six-figure business enterprises.

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