Dr. Sfeir is Launching a New Webinar – Building Trust Between Marginalized Communities and the Police in Cosmopolitan Cities: A Conversation with a Local Police Chief

November 04 01:30 2021

Montreal – Dr. Ghada Sfeir aims to raise awareness and advance understanding of the contentious social undercurrents at play in modern societies. Through webinar topics such as “Systemic Racism Against Indigenous People” and “Cosmopolitanism for Canada’s Growing Diversity: A Better Strategy Than Multiculturalism”, Professor Sfeir exposes the socially divisive and racist nuances embedded in the various facets of Canadian Society. She also teaches courses on related topics such as “Culture, Power, & Politics,” “Transnationalism and Cosmopolitanism,” and “Diversity in the Classroom.” Sfeir has authored several academic publications based on this research (See www.ghadasfeir.com).

The upcoming webinar entitled “Building Trust Between Marginalized Communities and the Police: A Conversation with a local Police Chief” addresses a timely and pressing issue facing the safety of our marginalized and minoritized communities and their relationships with our local police force. The Keynote Speaker Police Chief Fady Dagher (Longueuil Agglomeration) will share the success of his immersion training program to build bridges between the police force and the communities they serve. His officers who participate in this training program have to spend fiveweeks with the marginalized families they serve in the community, without weapons or uniforms, in order to build healthy relationships based on trust, empathy, and awareness of the individual and collective struggles of marginalized groups. Police Chief Dagher “aspires to fostering a culture change in his organization through the establishment of a model of a “Police de Concertation”, a form of police service whose philosophy is to focus on prevention by supporting and acting on the spot with its citizens and partners.”

The focus of the webinar is on identifying practical methods to help bridge social divisions while addressing systemic racism and racial profiling.

This webinar is scheduled on Friday, November 19, 2021, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST. Registration is free and open to the public.

Supported by (in alphabetical order):

1. Black Community Research Center. BCRC is a growing, resource-based organization that strengthens community capacity by providing professional support to organizations and individuals in need: https://bcrcmontreal.com

2. The International Center for Innovation in Education. The mission of the ICIE is to empower every person to become a responsible, self-directed, lifelong learner through a positive partnership of families, teachers, scholars in gifted education, ministries of education and communities: http://icieworld.net/newicie/

3. McGill University Research Center for the Studies in Aging (MCSA). The Education committee of the McGill University Research Centre liaise with community organizations to sensitize them on how to deal with behavioural problems associated with dementia when called by families for help: www.aging.mcgill.ca

4. Montreal Council of Women. Acting as a catalyst for its members, MCW advocates improvement of social conditions and responds on issues that Canadians face as citizens by informing and recommending to the municipality progressive policies and services: https://montrealcouncilofwomen.ca

5. Quebec Board of Black Educators. QBBE is a non-profit education and research institution committed to raising awareness on educational bias, and provide academic support and opportunities to communities of colour: https://qbbe.ca

To register or for more information visit www.ghadasfeir.com or click the following Zoom registration link: https://us04web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_TrcF7GfbRemI5lQEcM7udQ

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