What is the difference between using white latex glue and water based wood glue?

November 03 19:44 2021

In People’s daily lives, they will “handle” different kinds of wood glue, and woodworking glue is the most common glue. In fact, glue belongs to the chemical industry, one of the professional fields in large industries, and also a dangerous “partner” in life. There are many kinds of glue. Here we take white glue and water based wood glue as examples to discuss their advantages and disadvantages around furniture.


White glue has wide application, large dosage, one of the longest history of water-soluble adhesives is a thermoplastic adhesive formed by polymerization of vinyl acetate monomer under the action of an initiator. White glue can cure at room temperature. It has fast curing speed and high bonding strength. The adhesive layer has good toughness and durability. Used in architectural decoration, furniture manufacturing, arts and crafts, printing and packaging, papermaking and other industries.

The advantages and disadvantages of white glue:    (1) Fast bonding speed at room temperature. Because the formation of the emulsion adhesive layer is achieved by the volatilization or dissipation of water.    (2) The cured adhesive layer is transparent. The pollution to the material is small.    ③After curing, the adhesive layer has high strength and good toughness. Less wear on the props during processing.    ④Easy to use. No heating. No curing agent is added. The shelf life is generally more than half a year.    ⑤ Pollution is not easy to produce during use. Can be washed with water. Easy to clean.    ⑥Poor water resistance    ⑦Poor creep resistance    ⑧Drying speed is slower than solution glue

Advantages and disadvantages of water based wood glue:    (1) Speed ​​up the drying speed    (2) Enhanced bonding strength    ③Improved water resistance    ④Enhanced weather resistance (cold and hot)    But it should be noted that improper curing agent ratio will affect the splicing quality. The smaller the proportion of curing agent, the longer the drying time. The lower the water resistance, weather resistance and strength; if the proportion of curing agent is too much. The film will become brittle. The bonding strength decreases instead. (Jigsaw glue: curing agent=100:8-15).

In fact, the water based wood glue is mainly used for wood joint board. And white glue can stick many things. But the water based wood glue is professional. Better results. Shark wood glue is a two-component adhesive. Need curing agent. Just like AB glue. The bonding strength is much higher than that of white glue. Water based wood glue is expensive. White glue is cheap. The building materials market is everywhere. Water based wood glue glue dries faster than white latex. The bond is firm. Strong water resistance. But the price is more expensive. White latex dries slower than puzzle glue. The dried film is transparent. Water based wood glue is opaque after drying.

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