Skhokho Addresses all Business Management Needs with One Platform

November 02 16:32 2021
This business management software helps with HRM, Sales and CRM, OKR, and more

JOHANNESBURG – November 2, 2021 – Skhokho has launched comprehensive business management software to help business owners with the day-to-day responsibilities that come with running a business. This software solution specializes in human resource management, customer relationship management, project task and milestone management, business accounting and objective key results management.


While there are various business management software solutions out there, entrepreneurs must often combine different software so that they can get everything done. Skhokho is launching on Product Hunt with a solution – a software that integrates the most useful parts of these fragmented micro-SaaS platforms into one lightweight intuitive platform. With this business management solution, entrepreneurs can get everything they need to run their businesses at a fraction of the price.

“I built Skhokho when I realized many of my clients couldn’t find a lightweight CRM for their needs,” says Skhokho founder Bertha Kgokong. “The solutions on the market were costly and bulky. Even worse was the fact that these clients still had to pair one software with another for a solution that met all their needs. I decided to develop one software solution that presents business owners with all the tools they need in one intuitive dashboard.”

As a skilled software developer and the brains behind Tati Software, Bertha built a solution that reduces the complexity of running multiple fragmented business management systems. Skhokho is the only software with employee performance assessments, project management, customer relationship management and human resource management tools all in one place. Entrepreneurs can test the software under a free 14-day trial with no obligations or cancellation fees.

By incorporating the features of at least five different platforms into one, Skhokho offers more than any single platform at a lower cost. Clients can use Skhokho to do more things more efficiently, at a lower cost and with minimal hassle.

Skhokho comes equipped with tools for SMART goal setting – including an objective key results dashboard to help business owners visualise their progress at any time. With these tools, entrepreneurs can easily assign team members tasks that align with the SMART goals they have set up. This is also the first software designed to help business owners keep track of meetings and financials, with accounting tools for invoicing, quotes and expenses.

Skhokho has simplified the lives of business owners everywhere with a comprehensive solution that solves a host of business management problems under one roof. With Skhokho, business owners can manage day-to-day tasks with ease.

About Skhokho

Skhokho is an intuitive business management software that helps with tasks such as HRM, sales and CRM, OKR, task management and accounting. Skhokho founder Bertha Kgokong is a skilled software developer and the founder of Tati Software. With Tati Software, she’s built multiple in-house software projects, including Skolo Online Learning.

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