The Prophetic Matrix Is Filmed First In Space Prior To Russian And American Movie Crews’ Arrival

November 01 23:15 2021
Out of this World Event Shoots New Book into Outer Space!

“The Prophetic Matrix” e-Book makes history being filmed onboard the Destiny Module in the ISS prior to Russian film crew’s arrival.  

A Russian film crew made headlines by beating Tom Cruise in the race to shoot the first movie in space. Then William Shatner of Star Trek fame recently shot into the stars. Prior to that, however, in a ground-breaking first-ever event, rock star turned author Michael-John Toste’s book “The Prophetic Matrix: Unlock The Secret Code To Your Destiny” became the first commercial literary work in the history of publishing to make its debut in outer space prior to its global release on Earth. 

A digital version of the book was transmitted to the Destiny module of NASA’s International Space Station (ISS) and filmed on a monitor for its interplanetary visual premiere while orbiting the world at approximately 17,500 miles per hour. The nonfiction title traveled over three million miles by the end of its tour in space.

The celestial e-Book release comes amidst a modern-day renaissance of space travel, with Elon Musk of SpaceX, Jeff Bezos of Blue Origin and Richard Branson of Virgin Galactic all racing to explore the heavens.  “I’m excited to become a member of an elite group of space pioneers in the 21st Century,” says Toste. “This opens a broad door of opportunities for future publications to send their titles to spacecraft filled with celestial travelers touring the stars.”

After accomplishing its mission in the heavens, “The Prophetic Matrix” made its terrestrial debut in an official global premiere event at Immanuel College in Adelaide, South Australia. From Earth to the Heavens: An Interstellar Book Release, hosted by Immanuel College principal Kevin Richardson, featured time-stamped footage of the book filmed and recorded in the Destiny Module that was projected on a large screen for a group of collegiate space enthusiasts. The students in attendance received a certificate documenting the historic ceremony and a commemorative The Prophetic Matrix: Making Space History 2021 medallion to mark the occasion.

“The Prophetic Matrix: Unlock The Secret Code To Your Destiny,” the first book of The Prophetic Matrix trilogy, chronicles Michael-John Toste’s rock star life as the lead vocalist of the concept rock group, the All Sports Band, and the life lessons he learned on his strange odyssey exploring the entertainment industry. It also offers greater understanding of how to face the challenges and circumstances of life and discover answers regarding how to unlock the secret code to your destiny. “The fact that the book made its debut on the Destiny module of ISS is serendipitous,” says Toste. “In this aspect, it is fulfilling its own destiny.” 

“The Prophetic Matrix: Unlock The Secret Code To Your Destiny” official release date is November 2, 2021 and is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Target. 

To view the historic film footage of “The Prophetic Matrix’s” interstellar debut on the International Space Station, you can visit www.PMLaunch.Space


Michael-John Toste is a musician, author and an International Destiny Coach. He was previously the lead vocalist of the concept rock group, the All Sports Band, who achieved chart success throughout the 1980s, including two Billboard Hot 100 hits in the US and a top 20 hit in Germany. With appearances on MTV, Solid Gold, Nickelodeon, and American Bandstand, the All Sports Band was voted the third most popular group in America. Toste’s upcoming album Phenomenon features Grammy award winners including Deniece Williams, Bobby Kimball of Toto, and Larry Dunn of Earth, Wind & Fire. Toste hosts a weekly, hour-long radio program called ‘Your Day of Destiny,’ and he will soon be releasing his debut book, “The Prophetic Matrix: Unlock The Secret Code To Your Destiny.”

For more information about Michael-John Toste and his upcoming work, visit www.PMLaunch.Space, or

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