Habits Coach Launches New V.I.P Week Course Online

November 01 18:21 2021
A new launch for a V.I.P week has just been added to help participants start their journey to self-mastery. The new and inspiring V.I.P week will give a turbo-charged start to a life-changing future.

Luke Trappel Coaching is pleased to announce the recent addition of a new V.I.P Week course online. The newly added  V.I.P Week has just been designed to turbo-charge your change, a change that usually takes a long time to gain traction, V.I.P Week is an intense week-long event. Luke Trappel Coaching was launched in 2019 to help family, friends, and former co-workers. The following year, 2020, the habits coaching professional moved his coaching to the online venue, where there is far more reach to impact lives from around the world. 

In 2021, group coaching and online courses were introduced alongside life-changing personal 1-on-1 coaching. Luke enjoys working with 35 to 50-year-olds — those people who feel that their lives are set and cannot change. He works with people who have dreams and want more. Those who form better habits and mindsets have a bigger chance of change is at the core of his work. He works with parents who want to teach their children how to change their perceived destiny and singles who are still waiting for the “one”. He works with those who are rushed off their feet all day and don’t have a minute to spare and with those who don’t know what else to do. Luke also works with those who are fearful of their future due to no or little savings. He shows how to reduce stress levels and bring positives into life. 

Each of the transformational programs he offers has come from personal experience and from the results of the many people who have gone through the programs. 1-on-1 coaching is much more about you and your set of problems and is done in a safe personal and private setting. Group coaching is limited to small groups, so it also remains a personal experience for everyone. It is much more general in what it covers as not everyone has the same problems, but the benefits are the same, you will be transformed. It also includes a private Facebook Group where clients can mingle and support each other. 

Luke says, “The new and inspiring V.I.P Week will be super exciting, giving the turbo-boosted start to changing your life. In one week of being a V.I.P, you will experience eight weeks of training in just seven days. You will have a new identity and a driven purpose for change. Whenever you work with me 1on1,  Group, or V.I.P, Voxer support is available. It’s a nifty app that allows us to have instant conversations from any device.”

About the Company: 

Luke Trappel Coaching offers a range of individual and group courses designed to be life-altering. The coaching principles follow Luke’s journey to self-realization. The newest course is V.I.P Week and includes group support from others on the path to a stronger future. 

For further details click here: https://coach.luketrappel.com/

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