Global Footwear Brand Inkkas Says a Thriving Community and Soulful Designs are Keys to its Success

November 01 16:27 2021 offers artful and ethically made shoes crafted in Latin America. Customers say they “fall in love again every season.”

Many entrepreneurs know that footwear is no easy business. Large inventory, expensive manufacturing, and inflexible details can make it a headache of a business model. This is especially true when the shoes are sold almost exclusively online, and the industry is experiencing worldwide logistical challenges.

Despite odds, the relatively small footwear brand is steadily building, particularly in the last 2 years of its 8-year business. How has it managed? Co-Founder/Director David Malino says its success can be attributed to several key factors.

First, he explains, Inkkas has organically developed a thriving community which is ever-growing. This is evident on the brand’s Instagram page, filled with images of people snapping selfies as they rock their Inkkas from awe-inspiring locales around the globe (and at times, in impressive upside-down yoga positions).

Customers are drawn to the brand’s intimate nature where it rolls out small-batch collections that tell the story behind each shoe’s inspiration. Beautiful designs are complimented by comfortable, high-quality products, which ultimately, make for very loyal customers. “I regularly receive emails from customers raving about their shoes and the compliments they receive. Marketing has truly been word-of-mouth,” David says.

“The reason customers shop Inkkas again and again is because the designs are so diverse – they constantly evolve, just like we do as people,” explains Inkkas Branding Director (and David’s partner) Yvonne Malino. “The designs are inspired by different parts of the world and they are intended to encourage us to be curious about the world around us.” That message is clear. Not meant to be boxed in by any one image, Inkkas’ tagline encourages you to “Express Yourself.”

The brand has also built loyalty through its ethos of ethical and sustainable development, and its appreciation for the artisanal work and talent in the shoemaking process. Inkkas collaborates with the reputable non-profit Trees for the Future to plant a tree for every shoe purchased, and prioritizes fair and safe working conditions for all involved in the creation of its shoes.

Early customers may have discovered the brand when walking by its eye-catching designs in Harlem or Brooklyn, NY in 2013. More recent fans may have discovered the brand when Inkkas was featured on CNBC after a celebrity investor brought it some starshine, or when the brand collaborated with legendary Star Wars to create an exclusive line with record sell-outs.

However fans have stumbled upon the brand, Inkkas keeps giving them reasons to stay awhile. Check out their latest 2021 line, the Tierra Collection, highlighting diverse and lush corners of the world. From the vast open skies of New Mexico to the underwaters of Brazil, the collection is filled with soul and is emblematic of all that is Inkkas.

“With a proven business model in place,” David says, “we are excited to continue to build the Inkkas community. We’re proud to bring into the world beautiful, quality shoes that tell a real story. And we are having so much fun doing it.”

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