Arizona Couple Launches After Incredible Tea Revelation

October 30 04:10 2021
The Tealeavz Vision: To offer the best loose leaf tea blends as healthy alternatives to coffee, along with tea flavors for every lifestyle., a family-owned and operated loose leaf tea e-shop launched by David and Diana, was inspired by the dramatic change in Diana’s well-being after switching to loose leaf tea.

Their goal is to share their artisan teas and the amazing benefits with others. This is a true story…

Whether referred to as a craving or a “need”, it is a daily ritual that’s almost involuntary. Every morning pet the dog, check email, and then seek that habitual cup of coffee. It smells and tastes gooooood. But what if that cup is skipped for a day or two? Do headaches, fatigue, and irritability set in? That “need” has become an addiction.

Drip, espresso, cappuccino – with the right tools, Diana could enjoy her fix at home! Dial up any intensity, mug size – maybe two!

But miss a cup for a day or two and a dreaded headache would appear. Aspirin, water, sleep, nor protein couldn’t relieve the headache. After realizing she hadn’t had coffee recently, she brewed a cup and the headache, so intense for days, vanished. That’s odd…or is it?

But then a new symptom hit Diana that stopped her in her tracks. Literally. As an active person, she loved running, cycling, tennis, and golf. But this one morning, she was simply going on a walk. Nothing extreme.

Walking a favorite path, her heart was suddenly beating wildly. Walking a casual pace, yet her fitbit confirmed her heart was indeed racing! Only half a block from home, yet so intense she had to sit down.

Deciding it would pass, she headed off again. Yet, a few hundred yards further the sensation returned. Should she turn back? Convinced it was stress related and that walking would be the best for it, she proceeded.

This wasn’t the last time it would happen. It only occurred in the morning after coffee. Simply walking. No extreme hills. No crazy pace. Yet the feeling kept stopping her in her tracks.

The next morning, she decided to swap out the coffee for some loose tea and took her walk. No sensations stopped her that day, or since.

Diana has been “coffee-free” now for 3 years with ZERO crazy heart beats or migraines since. She feels good again! Plus, she discovered many delicious tea blends to match any mood with favorites like White Chai Spice, Maharaja Chai Oolong, and Ginger Turmeric. A great way to begin each day.

She feels good knowing she is starting her day with antioxidants and beneficial compounds that come with a cup of tea. Loose leaf teas have amazing health benefits: black tea for boosting heart health, herbal tea for reducing stress, Oolong for bone health, Rooibos for lowering blood pressure, or increasing fat burn with green tea.

Consumed daily by billions of people worldwide, it’s doubtful Diana was the only one in a billion with this coffee experience. Don’t ignore proper care for serious health issues. But try artisan teas from that may help contribute to improving health and wellness.

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