Korean Firm CELLJEN.INC Announces the Award of Patent Acquisition for Groundbreaking Hangover Cure Solution Alcocol

October 29 18:22 2021
The scientifically proven and tested product is made with natural ingredients and will help people have fun and party without worrying about a hangover and regrets the following day

Republic of Korea – CELLJEN.INC is proud to announce they have been awarded a Patent acquisition for their groundbreaking nutraceutical, The “ALCOCOL Anytime Anywhere You Drink herb”. The tablets support alcohol metabolism, promote liver health and restore vital nutrients so users can wake up feeling better than they otherwise could after consuming alcohol.

“As humans mature, our bodies produce fewer enzymes, slowing our ability to metabolize alcohol, which can result in toxins and next-day symptoms,” said Edward Ahn, Chief Executive Officer for CELLJEN. “Through our research, we found that by promoting the enzymes that power alcohol metabolism, we can neutralize more of these toxins.”

A potent hangover cure made from natural plant extracts, Alcocol, was recently released into the market after more than three years of research. The product, which was developed in cooperation with an Oriental doctor, helps reduce headaches in the morning. It was made in the form of a pill, not a pellet, to appeal to foreign customers. Alcocol also contains various ingredients that diminish the effect of hangover symptoms and liver processing issues.

Every ingredient in Alcocol plays a vital role in helping users prevent hangovers and maintain an active lifestyle. Milk thistle is an active ingredient recognized by the Food and Drugs Administration that helps with liver health and other issues. Another component, Quercetin in oriental raisin tree, helps protect the liver from alcoholic liver damage. Curcumin, a natural dye found in cumin, has strong anti-inflammatory effects that prevent stomach inflammation and ulcer formation, as well as helping to calm upset stomach after heavy drinking.

The product is manufactured in the Republic of Korea, and every ingredient is sourced from the mountains ensuring they are pure and not contaminated by any chemicals. As a result, there are no side effects or allergy reactions, so users can safely consume it wherever or whenever they need it.

For more information, please visit http://alcocol.com/.  

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Celljen inc is a product research and manufacturing company based in The Republic of Korea. They specialize in health related and health care products and offer consumers innovative solutions that make life better. The company is committed to delivering excellent products to the market that will improve the experience of its customer base.

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