TSG – New International Project in the Tourism Industry is airing these days in the WTM conference in London by Dr. Gershon Paz-Tal – The system that will change the tourism world

October 28 15:16 2021
TSG - New International Project in the Tourism Industry is airing these days in the WTM conference in London by Dr. Gershon Paz-Tal  - The system that will change the tourism world

An exclusive presentation about the revolutionary system from the “Start-up Nation” will take place in a special conference in London next week by the Dr. of the prestige Sorbonne University, Gershon Paz-Tal. The innovative project is an absolute solution to all of your tourist needs – a system that will answer all questions, requests, desires and wishes of the clients in real time in the most accurate and updated way. A book, published by the world renowned Sorbonne Publishing, was written about the project – words that will break the old tourism norms in addition to insights and extensive knowledge of the upcoming changes of worldwide tourism during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. The system ran thousands of checks, researches and marker evaluations the design the optimal user interface and particular services, personalized to the user’s needs with a registered patent in the U.S.A and Israel.

Prototypes have already launched in two leading cellular companies, to the delight of its users that can now receive complete, fast and personal information in a single product instead of having to patch info from multiple websites and sources now fitted like TSG. In these modern times, most tourists travel without outside help from regional sources. According to a study run by TSG, about 68% of tourists around the world run as FREE INDIVIDUAL TOURIST-FIT. That numbers rises to 95% in local tourism. As tourists, we plan to take advantage of every moment of our trip, TSG is the system that ensures we savor every second of our own unique trip. Between 2-4 Billion people tour the globe every year as resident tourists, with a huge and consistent rise of approx. 6% per year. TSG plane to come out with around 2,500 systems to assist tourists and the countries they are visiting in to have the most unforgettable experience.

New book: Video: https://youtu.be/tdgOXL2J3mI

Call for Investors

Offering a partnership in an innovative system as a economy project, as well as social, and an impact investment “…due to its contribution magnitude to humanity…” *I hereby ask you to submit offers to purchase up to X% of the company assets, as follows: The company, owning unique intellectual properties, developing the content sales system as practical, digital, visual, textual and audio products as services, and more, in its innovative configuration, and has reached the ‘time to market’ stage. The company serves as a new profit center, as a new growth engine, after a lot of POC, allowing generation for cellular bank or non-bank credit companies with 2.5 million clients each, and the ability to generate about $50-70 million per annum and more each.

1. The system is based on scientific research plus practical live pilots. It was scientifically, practically and applicably credited by credit card companies, cell-phone companies and more, from 21 persons (scientists, executives, businesses). File 9499.

2. The system based on technology and innovative methods that change global activity norms in its field. These have all been kept globally confidential and the company has avoided any publication of this information in social media and the public domain, and therefore are not yet known to technology/communication companies around the world.

3. The company currently has registered patents in A) Israel and; B) the US; C) proceed in other countries.

4. Operating the system (in Israel first) and reaching the first dollars within 9-24 months. Then gradually spreading it around the world.

5. We are now seeking a minimal investment for various elements. This round would be for $10-12 million plus investment in additional rounds, according to the investor’s business horizon. We are determined to activate the system quickly, in light of identifying a window of opportunity predominantly correlated to the Covid-19 outbreak, and other specific growth drivers. “Nontangible assets” that can be realized now, while wanting (not having) to maintain its Israel activity. In addition the system hold secondary systems also A App for Bag Packers & for the Leisure Activities [500 types & more.]

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