American International Holdings Launches EPIQ Paws Platform; Taps Into $103 Billion Vet-Care Market Opportunity (OTCQB: AMIH)

October 27 06:40 2021

American International Holdings Corp. (OTC: AMIH) is on a mission. And what started as a goal to transform the primary care space for humans has evolved into creating a revolutionary vet-care platform for pet owners. The result, another industry-changing asset that taps into a more than $103 billion market. The better news, it only costs about $4.99 per month when added to its flagship EPIQ MD primary care platform. Thus, for less than $30 per month, AMIH is extending valuable services to millions of people and their pets. In fact, these are services that many couldn’t afford until AMIH stepped up to the plate.

Its newest platform is again an industry game-changer that alleviates the substantial financial burden from general vet care. And starting at only $4.99 per month, it can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars per year on office visits and drug costs. Better still, this digital platform can be used 24/7/365 from anywhere at any time and is exceptionally user-friendly.

Even better, the value provided by the platform is unrivaled in the industry. What does $4.99 from EPIQ Paws get?

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Revolutionary EPIQ Paws Vet-Care Platform

Well, a lot. To start, users get round-the-clock, 24/7/365, unlimited access to a dedicated team of veterinarians. And it’s not a recorded message. Services are done in real-time via the phone or video on your mobile device or computer. Users can ask questions, get second opinions, and even discuss behavioral issues, training, and wellness. Not only that, a prescription drug card provides for discounted medications. For pet owners, it’s an invaluable service. Take a pet in for common cough; a quick check and a prescription can cost more than $100. Using EPIQ Paws, it’s a fraction of that.

Moreover, EPIQ Paws is more than genius by design; it’s timely. Not only does it complement its EPIQ MD platform that provides comprehensive primary care solutions for humans for about $24.99 per month, but it also provides enormous relief from worries associated with the costs of pet care. And at a time when more than 80 million people are either underinsured or lack coverage altogether because of cost, the added pressures of coming up with funds for pet care is something that unfortunately becomes a lost priority. Not by choice, mind you, by necessity.

Thankfully, AMIH introduced a win-win proposition. Not only can the 80 million people get a comprehensive and inexpensive way to keep themselves healthy, but they can do so for their pets as well. Best of all, both platforms are entirely digital, meaning that patients nor pets need to leave the comfort of their homes for immediate and real-time services.

Both are easy to use, too. Simply access the portal number, tell the provider what’s wrong, and minutes later, you’re paired with a licensed veterinarian or medical professional giving a professional recommendation to get you or your pet feeling better. Best of all, as noted, services for each can get done from anywhere and at any time. Hence…on vacation? No worries, you’re covered. Pets too.

And the better news is that AMIH investors can cash in as well as these timely, inexpensive, and comprehensive service platforms gain user adoption.

Accelerating A Digital Mission

Of course, AMIH’s intention is to do just that. While they indeed have a humanitarian side, they also are in business to create shareholder value. And its EPIQ Paws launch adds to the growing value proposition created through its EPIQ MD platform. In fact, that platform also was made stronger after AMIH announced launching its Commercial Division launch for EPIQ MD earlier this month. That strategy targets new revenue-generating opportunities from small and medium-sized businesses (SMB’s). And it’s a plan in action, with AMIH exploiting its opportunities by targeting municipalities and companies in Alaska, Georgia, Illinois, and Texas.

It’s a substantial opportunity as well. Collectively, the commercial application adds roughly 950,000 entities to AMIH’s target markets that need affordable, reliable, and attainable healthcare services for their workers. That’s in addition to the more than 80 million people targeted from the pedestrian EPIQ MD platform. Both offerings offer comprehensive, real-time, money-saving services performed by licensed MD and medical practitioners. The primary difference is that one is employer-sponsored and the other available through direct subscription.

The most excellent news is that each platform can deliver significant revenues to AMIH. Thus, it’s a win-win proposition for investors and platform users.

EPIQ MD And EPIQ Paws Makes Primary Care Affordable

For AMIH, the expectation is for its EPIQ platforms to become a revenue-generating catalyst to the company. Best of all, that expectation can become a reality sooner than expected, with AMIH rolling out an extensive and targeted marketing campaign to position the platform as a mainstream tool to effectuate primary care. And while AMIH expects to generate significant long-term revenue growth, reaching near-term milestones along the way should also enhance its entries to its income statement. Thus, its market cap of roughly $4.5 million may not give justice to a well-designed platform that can generate exponential revenues.

Of course, it’s AMIH’s job to get the message out. And they are doing that today by aggressively extending the reach of its platform to meet the needs of a substantial population left behind by out-of-reach medical costs and coverage. As noted earlier this month, AMIH announced its commercial launch for EPIQ MD, which brings a second means to touch potential clients through small and mid-sized companies. And it’s a market they can help. In fact, they are leveraging data from surveys that indicate almost every business owner would provide comprehensive healthcare alternatives for their workers. The problem, though, is that most simply can’t afford even basic group insurance coverage. And that’s where EPIQ MD comes into play.

Better yet, AMIH wants it to become more than in-play. They want EPIQ MD to fill a significant healthcare gap by providing a cost-effective solution in reach of almost every person and employer. Moreover, for both, it’s an easy-to-manage solution that offers the most comprehensive alternative treatment services package in the market. And by tapping into the digital age, it could be the most convenient.

Comprehensive Services At Low Cost

How good is it? Well, for as little as $24.95 per month, EPIQ MD’s service options include Primary Care, Mental Health, Life Coaching, Prescription Discount Programs, and Ask-a-Medical-Expert. Even better, it’s not created as a one size fits all product. On the commercial side, employers can opt for customized branded solutions and even create specialized services that focus on particular areas like mental health or chronic disease management. There are suit-to-fit options on the consumer side as well. Hence, it can accommodate almost any person or business interested in the program.

Best of all, for people and employers, AMIH’s platform is the perfect alternative to more costly plans that, for all intents and purposes, offer similar primary care services to coverage costing 20X more. Keep in mind, too. Part of the attraction from sponsored coverage is getting access to Teladoc type services. While good, users may be paying hundreds of dollars per month for that privilege. EPIQ MD, as noted, starts at only $24.99 and provides almost identical services.

Thus, for what amounts to less than a dollar per day, platform users get access to primary care physicians, mental health professionals, nutritional counseling, and deeply discounted rates to select third-party providers of prescriptions, in-person diagnostic, and lab services. Compared to a monthly insurance premium, it can be a more than 90% discount.

Better still, beyond tapping into an enormous market, AMIH has also embedded itself into a more than $4.2 trillion industry opportunity. And by staying ahead of the curve in the shift to digital services, rewards to AMIH and its investors may come faster than expected.

Tip Of The Spear Of Opportunity

Here’s the best news from an investor’s perspective- EPIQ MD and EPIQ Paws are only the tip of the spear for the AMIH strategy of creating a portfolio of synergistic entities. Moreover, by developing scalable platforms, AMIH isn’t a pure medical services play. They also have a tremendous intrinsic value from capitalizing on the massive opportunities created by the digital revolution in healthcare.

Remember, digital services have gone from being revolutionary to being the norm. Everything from checking in, billing, patient visits, and test results is now provided digitally. And going forward, patients should expect their providers to further implement digital technology as a means to address office overhead and labor shortages. Thus, AMIH has more than excellent products; they have a buildable platform. And that’s something that can be monetized.

In fact, they are showing the power of scalability through its LifeGuru platform. It’s a life coaching platform that connects people with specialized life coaches with expertise mentoring people through life’s challenges. And it’s more than a stress tool. LifeGuru services expect to touch people to counsel romance, finance, career, health, and family issues. It’s a platform developing out of the challenges presented by COVID-19, which of course, wreaked havoc on the personal lives of more than 320 million Americans. And it still is.

Moreover, with reports suggesting that tens of millions of people continue to be impacted by COVID-19, LifeGuru, like its ZipDoctor, EPIQ MD, and EPIQ Paws platforms, seize upon massive and much-needed market opportunities from a multi-billion-dollar sector opportunity. Also, it’s accessible, affordable, and provides a recurring revenue stream to AMIH through a subscription model. Its value to patients can be a life-saver too.

The bottom line is simple- AMIH is building itself a potential revenue-generating juggernaut. It’s not a matter of if its products are needed; it’s a matter of getting its message out to the millions in need.

A Portfolio Of Assets Getting Unleashed

And right now, that’s the mission at AMIH. Management knows the value of its assets and that the comprehensive nature of each can cause a paradigm shift in how primary care for people and pets gets delivered. Now, it’s a matter of marketing execution.

While adoption by millions won’t happen overnight, as a work in progress, it can happen in stages that still create massive shareholder value. And at roughly $0.06 per share, its stock price trajectory could move appreciably higher on expected near-term updates. The first indication of market traction can likely result in a substantial increase to its current share price. As good investors do, they respond to stories ahead of the pack. Thus, signs of rapid adoption could be the most near-term catalyst for AMIH stock.

Still, this much is known. AMIH is on a mission to turn digital services into cash. And with creative assets, industry experience, ambition, and motivation to take its industry-changing platforms to the next level, AMIH may succeed sooner than later in reaching its first substantial targeted revenue milestone. In fact, an update about any of its EPIQ platforms in the coming weeks could help ignite a rally sending its stock exponentially higher.

Indeed, the pieces are in place. Now, investor patience and trading ahead of news could be the difference between booking impressive gains compared to exponential ones. Taking a buy and hold at current levels could help achieve the latter.


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