ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE’s Gap Year Abroad Program Offers High School Students an Exceptional Learning Experience

October 26 12:03 2021
ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE’s Gap Year Abroad Program Offers High School Students an Exceptional Learning Experience
ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE offers exchange programs to high school students such as the gap year abroad program, which offers international exposure and the opportunity to learn about other cultures.

ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE is a novel idea that was envisaged for high school students, and it is sponsored by Rotary International to enable students to have a broader view of life, learn how to live with people of different cultures, explore, and serve as an ambassador for their country. The Rotarians who coordinate the programs are a group of individuals from diverse backgrounds such as professionals from every sector, business people, and community leaders who provide philanthropic services to create peace and goodwill around the world. They coordinate almost 10,000 student exchanges per year, and they do not treat students based on their race, gender, sexual orientation or identity, religion, or socioeconomic status.

In response to a query about their services, the spokesperson of ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE commented, “We do not compromise on our security standards when it comes to the safety of students who participate in Rotary activities. Thus, we have reinforced a statement of conduct where Rotarians and other volunteers must protect children and young people who come in contact with them from all forms of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. More so, our gap year travel program is a program that only lasts for one year, and the purpose of the program is to help participants know more about the culture of people in the host country. During this period, they will stay with 2-3 families and the local host Rotary club will be responsible for students’ monthly stipends”.

ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE also provides students with a less complex program, and this is for high school students who do not want to face the rigors of academic programs in their country of exchange. As no academic credit is required for graduation from their high school back home, it is a program of choice for those who just want to visit another country before they enroll in college or university. This type of program is one where students simply can enjoy visiting specific locations, exploring, and having as much fun as they want. To know about gap year programs abroad, students can visit ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE’s website for more information.

The spokesperson of ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE further commented, “Our exchange programs are offered to students at a very affordable price. This is so that students from financially challenged families are also able to participate. Interested applicants are to note that the cost, however, varies depending on the district and country where the exchange will take place. We, therefore, advise that they contact their local club or district for specific details that pertain to their desired country of exchange”.

Moreover, ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE offers participating students a scholarship that is valued at $24,000, and it covers room, board, tuition, and monthly stipends. Interested students can also follow them on their social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to know more about them.


ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE is coordinated by Rotary International, which consists of a group of people with the same vision to achieve world peace and unity by interacting with people of different cultural backgrounds. Students who are interested in their gap year abroad program can visit their website for further details. 

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