StableDoc Announces Platform Partnership with PayTalk

October 26 10:58 2021

October 25, 2021 – StableDoc, the new digital healthcare platform which is at the fore front of the coming together of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, has announced a partnership with PayTalk,  a conversational platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to make it easier to carry out transactions and book appointments.  The partnership would enable StableDoc current and potential users to search for healthcare providers, book appointments and conduct other transactions on StableDoc platform using PayTalk.

For both patients and healthcare providers alike, the partnership will provide yet another convenient method of carrying out activities that may otherwise be tedious and inconvenient. 

This partnership increases the utility of both platforms and enables customers and stakeholders to cross-utilize both services. As such the impact of the of this partnership is expected to grow exponentially as more consumers use both platforms. 

“At StableDoc, one of our strategic priorities is to establish partnerships with stakeholders and service providers that will not only grow our network but also provide more utility and convenience for our users”, said the Chief Executive Officer of StableDoc, Dr. Isaac Agada. “We have such synergy with PayTalk in our current and planned use of cutting edge Artificial Intelligence that this partnership is a very natural fit”.

Neji Tawo, the CEO of PayTalk concurs. “This partnership is a great example of our core operating philosophy at PayTalk: we are forging alliances with stakeholders like StableDoc in order to afford our customers and users the widest possible convenience and use of great services leveraging conversational AI. We are pleased to team up with StableDoc to continue to push hard on our core goal of providing convenience for our users”.  

What makes this partnership important

The ability of patients and healthcare providers to utilize cutting edge conversational tools provided by PayTalk is a key enabler in achieving StableDoc’s objectives. Patients and healthcare providers will be able to conveniently set up new appointments so reschedule by just by saying it. StableDoc’s revolutionary introduction of Blockchain-authenticated, secure, anonymized, fractionalized and permissioned NFTs that depicts healthcare data represents a seismic shift in how healthcare is delivered and paid for – and ensuring that patients can use their personal data to pay for healthcare services.  This changes the power dynamic in favor of the patient, who will now control how companies and researchers use their health records.

This is the first time that a truly cross-border telehealth services is being built on a blockchain that leverages NFTs for the benefit of patients, in which access to quality healthcare is widely available to everyone in every corner of the globe. The platform addresses intractable challenges of cross-jurisdictional health services and data privacy and security concerns – and most importantly cost and affordability of health care. 

About StableDoc combines Blockchain-based and AI-driven telemedicine, in-home health and standard hospital services to deliver evidence-based “Doctor Anywhere” healthcare services to our patients all around the world. A key part of the integrated offering is our innovative and revolutionary use of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) to capture person-controlled and -directed medical Master Patient Index (MPI) for patient digital identities, with smart contracts that create self-sovereign permissioned access to patient data that generates income for our patients.

About PayTalk

PayTalk™ is a conversational platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to make it easier for you to carry out transactions. With PayTalk™ you can securely transact in a most natural way by speaking or simply chatting with the platform bot. You can find the best deals, make bill payments or make reservations and appointments, where you can reserve a table at your favorite restaurant by telling PayTalk™ what time and date you want to make the reservation. Also make an appointment with your dentist, doctor, masseuse, therapist etc by simply speaking to your Siri, Google or Alexa device.




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