Ngozi Cadmus: Mental Health Therapist, Socially Responsible Business Owner, and Trailblazer

October 26 02:16 2021
Ngozi Cadmus: Mental Health Therapist, Socially Responsible Business Owner, and Trailblazer

When Ngozi Cadmus began her career as a mental health therapist and social worker over 15 years ago, she quickly discovered that minority patients, particularly those of Asian and African descent, were not offered the same quality of care as white patients were offered. 

Minority patients were much less likely to receive early intervention, and as such, a larger percentage of them ended up being diagnosed with severe mental health problems. Once diagnosed, these patients were also less likely to receive ongoing psychological support for their illnesses. 

‌This inequality and the subsequent needless suffering frustrated Ngozi. She believed that she could find a solution to the reality that minorities in the UK had less access to quality mental health services. Further, she felt those options that did exist were too expensive for minorities to afford. She was right. 

Ngozi created Frontline Therapist, a diverse and affordable online platform designed specifically to give disadvantaged groups access to quality mental health therapists and mental health-friendly products and services. 

Ngozi’s Journey 

Creating the UK’s largest online counselling platform that was both multicultural and intended to offer mental health solutions to minority populations was not an easy task. Throughout the lengthy journey, Ngozi’s belief that all people deserved access to quality mental health care drove her forward. Here are the steps she took to achieve her goals. 

Identify the Problem 

Ngozi didn’t have to look very hard to discover the problem; she saw it firsthand. She encountered a patient who could not get the care she needed from her or anyone else. Seeing this patient suffer alone and knowing there were many others just like her brought the issue home for Ngozi. 

Identify the Solution 

Not sure exactly how to proceed, Ngozi took to social media. There, she began challenging the status quo and the traditional beliefs of the NHS and other mental health therapists. She built a loyal community of followers by demanding that people of all races, nationalities, and income levels be given the power of choice when it comes to mental health care.  

‌These experiences and the conversations she had with her followers led her to the concept of online counselling as a solution to the inequalities of the current system.  

Implement the Solution 

So, Frontline Therapist was born. Purposely staffed with Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Counselling Psychologists from diverse backgrounds, the online counselling platform was not only a solution to the problems that existed for patients but also for the healthcare professionals themselves. 

For the patients, Frontline Therapist provides: 

● Easy access – No need to wait for the NHS to determine that a patient is in need of a mental health therapist; now, the patient has the power to seek out treatment on their own.

● Low-cost options  – Not everyone could afford such high prices for care, and work may not be in the picture.

● Cultural awareness – Because many mental health issues are directly affected by the culture and environment the patient is living in, having a diverse staff makes it more likely that a patient can get treatment from someone who truly understands their lifestyle. 

● Increased privacy and comfort – Because mental health treatment still carries a stigma in many cultures, being able to receive the care they need in the privacy and comfort of their own home or other places of their choosing gives more people the option of getting treatment. 

‌For the mental health therapist, Frontline Therapist offers: 

● Career development to move further in the field

● Opportunities for minority therapists, counsellors and psychologists 

● Satisfaction of knowing they are using their talents where they can do the most good 

Doing the Right Thing and Making a Profit 

Another barrier that Ngozi faced, this time from those who supported her concepts but not her methods, was the belief that doing good work was somehow cheapened if those doing the work made a profit in the process. While she understands the value of nonprofit organizations, Ngozi also contends that there is no need for those making a difference for the disadvantaged to be disadvantaged themselves. 

She is proud of her socially responsible business and the profit she has made from it.  Her new mission is to help health, wellness, and mental health professionals, coaches, and social workers create strong and vibrant online service-based health and wellness businesses that provide them with a comfortable living while making a difference in the lives of others. She wants these healers to know that the traditionalists are wrong: there is no shame in becoming financially solid while helping others. 

To find out more about Ngozi Cadmus and her journey from frustration and financial insecurity to the satisfaction of knowing she can reach those who need her help to make an impact and attain financial success, check out her website.

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