Bike Company Specializing In E-bikes Offering Tantalizing Fall Sales

October 25 13:40 2021

Those interested in getting started on an electronic bike or scooter or upgrading won’t want to miss the sales Epic Cycles is offering this fall.

The pandemic is winding down, offering people more freedom. So it’s not surprising that Epic Cycles is poised, ready to provide them with deals they won’t be able to resist.

There is a whole new wave of people ready to get into something that will help them get back in shapeor find a more environmentally friendly way to and from work. These price cuts are just the thing for those interested ingetting started.

E-bikes have grown significantly in popularity over the last couple of years. As climate change and environmental consciousness make the news night after night, it’s not surprising that people are looking for a greener option.

For some riding a standard bike to work and back wouldn’t be feasible. It would be too slow and, for a good portion of beginners, too challenging. Electronic cycles change the playing field.

“It’s pretty amazing to see how many people want to make a difference, even if it’s something as small as cutting down their carbon footprint from commuting. Some of them would have tried it years ago if they weren’t afraid it would be too physically exhausting. Electronic bikes have enough power to ease those fears.” Said a spokesperson.

Just because they have an electric motor doesn’t mean that they will not help new riders get into better shape. For example, one of the deals of the month Epic Cycle has featured right now is the Mangum Summit. It’s one of the ranges of mountain bikes or trail bikes that they showcase. Right now, they’ve got it for $400 less than their average asking price of $3200.00. In addition, the Magnum Summit bike can go an impressive 40kph when using the peddle assist feature.

E-bikes expanding into the trail market opens up a whole new opportunity for beginners looking for a way to get into shape at their own pace to enjoy the vast trail systems simultaneously.

“Canada has a wealth of trail riding opportunities, and what better way to get healthy than hitting the fresh open mountain air. The electronic option makes it something that might have been out of reach for some people before. That little bit of assistance can help new riders tackle the mountain without wanting to give up,” the spokesperson added.

They’ve also taken off hundreds of dollars on different scooter options for those who don’t need to travel so far, like students looking for a quicker way to get to school and back. Scooters can also be a good choice for those who are just really wanting to dip their toes into the battery-powered market.

About Epic Cycles

Epic Cycles is an electronic bike manufacturer and dealer based out of Toronto. They are proud to distribute all over Canada. At Epic Cycles, one of their goals is to expand the way the market thinks about electronic bikes, seeing them as an alternative to transportation with a bigger carbon footprint. They also aim to provide affordable E-bike and scooter options to encourage going green in a competitive market.

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