Top 3 Best VPN Apps for Online Gaming 2021

October 18 15:26 2021

Virtual Private Networks, or most commonly known as VPNs, are very popular in the online gaming community. This software tool benefits  players by circumventing geo-restrictions and keeping them protected online. However, most VPNs are the reason why the speed of an online gamer’s device slows down.

For frequent players, they still need a VPN not just to ensure their online safety, but to also enhance their devices’ overall performance. Here in this article, we will be sharing with you the best free VPN for online gaming.

So, what makes a VPN great for online gaming?

A VPN is suitable for online gaming if it has a feature that can lower down the ping times, has strong privacy attributes, and embodies an enormous collection of VPN server locations.

As online gaming, especially via mobile devices, are becoming more well-known worldwide, players should research first about these tools. This is important so that they can connect to a VPN app that would be very beneficial to them and would not cause any issues when it comes to any aspects of their game.

To help you, below is a list of VPN apps that are great for online gaming in 2021.

  1. GoingVPN

GoingVPN is a free VPN app that has a built-in lightning-speed technology under its belt. This feature wards off any negative effects that the encryption process may give. Plus, with its unlimited data bandwidth and tight encryption process, online gamers are guaranteed of their cybersecurity.

GoingVPN also has more than a hundred servers in 30+ locations worldwide to help users counter any type of geo-restrictions.

For more details about this VPN app, click here.

  1. NordVPN

This premium VPN app is best-known for its massive collection of servers. With more than 5,300 server locations, online players will never run out of options. NordVPN also boasts its speed technology that can upload and download six times faster than usual.

NordVPN also uses an adapted WireGuard protocol which encrypts a user’s data quicker than any other systems.

To know more, you may visit their website.

  1. TunnelBear

TunnelBear possesses an award-winning service when it comes to max speed technology. This user-friendly VPN app also has a feature called ‘Vigilant Mode,’ so that when a user’s connection gets interrupted, it will still have the adequacy to block all the unsecured traffic until the user is reconnected to the internet.

TunnelBear has 40+ server locations worldwide.You may click here for more details about the VPN app.

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