Freelancing veteran and coach Scott Adam Lancaster extending exclusive online course on launching successful freelancing business

October 11 18:18 2021
Leading freelancer, serial entrepreneur and coach Scott Adam Lancaster is extending a range of courses through Brighter Freelance that offer a tried and tested framework for establishing and growing a successful freelancing business.

Dubai, UAE – October 11, 2021 – The current pandemic era has brought a paradigm shift to the future of work. With umpteen numbers of employees losing jobs over the past year and a half, people are increasingly migrating towards a freelance work culture, backed by the power of information technology. In light of that, leading entrepreneur, freelancing veteran and coach Scott Adam Lancaster is extending exclusive online courses that offer step-by-step instructions on launching and scaling up a sustainable freelancing business from scratch. 

The courses are offered online by Scott’s renowned education company, Brighter Freelance. The organization is currently extending 7 courses, geared for both aspiring freelancers and freelancers looking to scale up their business. 

In an exclusive interview, Scott shared that we are currently at the threshold of witnessing the reversal of the Industrial Age by the Informational Age. Per his statements, in the next 5-10 years, the culture of thousands of people working for one company will eventually diminish, apart from a handful of key players, such as the giants like Amazon, Apple etc. Instead, more and more people are going to start offering their own services like the olden days where people bought from people they knew and trusted within their community and tribe. The acceleration of information technology will only support this transition, helping people find new opportunities and projects on a global scale, thereby further expanding the scope of freelancing work culture.

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“A huge amount of employees have been laid off over the past year and half and the job crisis is still looming over the current employment market. The present scenario is leading people to look for other alternatives to traditional 9-5 jobs and freelancing seems to be a highly effective solution here. When you are a freelancer, you are not limited to one particular employer and hence even if one employer stops giving you work, you have many others who will continue to support you. Also, you don’t need any capital investment to start a freelancing business. The freelancing culture also offers you the additional advantage of living your life on your own terms. In other words, standing amid the rising incidents of layoffs at the moment, freelancing seems to be a safe and convenient career opportunity”, stated Scott. 

The courses offered by Brighter Freelance include – 

  • Freelancer Acceleration – a step by step blueprint to becoming a full-time freelancer which anyone can follow
  • Digital Launch First Track Course – guide on launching a freelance business online from scratch through a tried and tested framework
  • Brand Identity Creation – guide on creating unique brand identity for a freelancing business through proven framework
  • Work Life Harmony – guide on how to maintain a steady balance between work and personal life throughout the entire process
  • Master Your Money – guide on developing solid understanding of money and the smartest way to utilize it to carve out a life of freedom and happiness
  • Strategic Brand Building – guide of building and amazing and credible brand that the freelancer would be confident of and the customers will bank on
  • Brand Name Development – guide on professional methods and techniques to find out a distinctive brand name for the freelancing business

“Each of our courses has been backed by a tested and proven framework as well as step-by-step strategies to assure a seamless transition from your current job to a freelancing business. These courses will also help you to start a freelancing business even when you wish to keep your current job, at least for the time being. Each of our lessons has been intelligently tailored to help you build a powerful reputation as well as promote your freelancing business like a professional to stand out in your industry as an expert. 

Speaking on, Scott mentioned the recent views of Naval Ravikant, former CEO of AngelList, about the upcoming shift to freelancing work culture in near future.  

“Business veterans like Naval Ravikant also echo similar views regarding the upcoming shift towards contractual or freelancing work culture”, noted Scott.

In one of his recent interviews at Joe Rogan Podcast, Mr. Ravikant said – 

‘Firms hire more people instead of contracting out the needed work when the transaction costs associated with setting up external relationships are high, making it easier and cheaper to do the work internally. 

‘The internet is driving down these transaction costs as it reduces the friction required for an entrepreneur to find and hire the right contractor for a specific task. Businesses, therefore, will become smaller and more people will migrate from stable positions to a freelance lifestyle.’

“The freelancing world is bustling with immense potential and probably it’s about time we take a better look at modern alternatives to the traditional 9-5 job.” 

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