How Lily From Springfield, Illinois Discovered 30 Kinds of Songbirds in Her Garden, With Nature Anywhere’s Bird Feeder.

September 25 02:03 2021
When Susie bought this gift for Lily, she didn’t expect her Nana’s garden to become a songbird haven.

Lily was bed-stricken. Her second hip operation went awry, which left her immobile for weeks on end and incredibly lonely. When she received Nature Anywhere’s hummingbird bird feeder from her granddaughter Susie – Lily soon discovered several hummingbirds sipping from its nectar and curiously peeking through her window. Lily was not alone anymore. And that was just the beginning.

Bird feeders have revolutionized the way we interact with birds. Being timid and fearful creatures, these majestic flyers keep their distance, especially from humans.

Bird feeders changed that and Nature Anywhere took it to the next level.

Nature Anywhere develop ground breaking, state-of-the-art feeders that are new and unique to the market. Bird feeders like the Spiral Feeder, Bird’s-I-View and the Hanging Feeder, are each suited to different species of songbirds. These bird feeders are easy to manage and extremely sturdy, engineered to stand any weather be it snow, rain or heat. Some feeders can be safely attached to any window or glass door with four industrial suction cups.

Birds need to feel safe when they perch and nibble. A slight movement and they fly off, looking elsewhere for food. With Nature Anywhere, the birds become curious about people around them.

After two years of research and development, Nature Anywhere saw stunning results: dozens of songbirds perching daily on the different feeders, some which can be seen from only inches away on the other side of the window or glass door. One could almost touch them.

Yaron Levite, CEO of Nature Anywhere, started his company when he noticed his three daughters glued to their smartphones 24/7. Almost on a whim, he bought a bird feeder and waited to see what would happen .

It worked. Levite was dumbfounded! All three children were jumping for joy at every hummingbird, cardinal or bluebird (among many others) that came by. These flying jewels not only gave his kids a break from their smartphones, but also caused them to develop a sense of compassion for the wildlife around them and taught them the values of empathy, love and caring.

But the birds were not constant and the feeders kept on breaking. Levite began to research this matter which led him to develop the ultimate bird feeder. Nature Anywhere was born.

Lily has several kinds of bird feeders, which is how she got to (at least) 30 species. Her grandchildren enjoy them, as does her cat, Parker, who sits hours on end from the other side of the window, watching their every movement.

Lily now sits in her garden, enjoying the sun and the kaleidoscope of flyers around her. Nature is where one makes it. Nature is Anywhere.

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