Master the Law of Attraction With Your Youniverse’s Coaching Program

September 22 01:21 2021
The Law of Attraction coaching programs are designed to help people transform their thinking to manifest positive things in their lives.

Your Youniverse’s Law of Attraction coaching programs aim to bring positive transformations and personal development in people’s lives. The programs are focused on creating a powerful connection to the mind, so one can manifest or align themselves with their desired results to create their abundant reality.

“We can only see and create what we are programmed to see and create,” said Your Youniverse creator, Dr. Jessica Connor, a holistic life coach with Ph.D. in Philosophy.

The Law of Attraction is a philosophy that states outcomes are dictated by what the mind thinks. It means that positive thoughts bring positive outcomes, while negative thoughts bring negative outcomes.

Through Dr. Connor’s Law of Attraction coaching, one can learn how to take conscious control of their mind so they can lead transformational lives. In her courses she talks about overcoming stumbling blocks in positive manifestation, rewriting the story of one’s life, eliminating negative self-image, and many more.

Her coaching programs contain meticulously created proprietary processes designed to bring success. They also contain various tips, meditations, brain training, positive affirmations, and the Law of Attraction exercises.

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Your Youniverse is a platform created by Dr. Jessica Connor to help people expand their consciousness. It is so they can achieve personal development and get where they need to be in their lives.

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