One of The Best Saudi Architects Wins 5 International Architectural Competitions in The Beginning of 2021

September 21 20:26 2021
One of The Best Saudi Architects Wins 5 International Architectural Competitions in The Beginning of 2021

The field of architecture huge. Many in the field are consistently pushing the boundaries of buildings and structures, utilizing modern techniques and materials to create unique and fantastic structures that catch the eye of passersby.

Such is the case in Saudi Arabia, where a well-known architect has already set himself apart from many of the others by winning five international competitions in this year alone.

Ibrahim Nawaf lives in Saudi Arabia, and is well known for his modern architecture design. His designs are all across the world, and each one has a certain feel that not only captures the emotion of the structure but enhances the world around it.

“It was my goal when I started my education and study that I wanted to leave not only architecture behind but a personal fingerprint that one day could serve as a guide for up-and-coming architects and their own pieces. This is why I employ high-end architecture in Saudi Arabia and interior design techniques to each piece I create,” said Nawaf.

The architect believes in the philosophy of pragmatism in architectural design, and while this term is used in politics, it can also be included in architecture as a different way of thinking about things. The Saudi architect’s vision is that the architectural design is formed according to time and place, and its development is very important, so he resorts to organic architecture, which is more harmonious.

Nawaf’s visions have certainly come to fruition. So far this year he has accumulated five international awards in the field of architecture from a variety of different institutions, making himself to be one of the best Saudi architects.

These awards have done nothing but fuel Nawaf’s love for his work and is pushing him to even more spectacular works for not only Saudi Arabia but for the world. He is already looking to 2022 for his next great project. Meanwhile, he is always accepting new work. His portfolio contains several pieces and is available at

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