Rising comedienne Fatimah Taliah to release new comedy special this month

September 21 23:15 2021
Fatimah Taliah shows true grit in times of adversity with her new upcoming comedy special that will be launched shortly.

Los Angeles, CA – September 21, 2021 – Goliath-famous actress and popular comedienne Fatimah Taliah is pleased to announce the upcoming release of her new half-hour comedy special in the final quarter of the running month. Titled “NICE TO MEET ME”, the comedy special aims to motivate other comedians and artists to fight for their art and career, no matter how grim the situation is around. The special was shot during the peak of COVID-19 last year.

NICE TO MEET ME” is scheduled to be released on September 21, 2021. Distributed by Comedy Dynamics, the special will air on AppleTV, Pay per view events, Amazon Prime, Roku, Comcast, and many other streaming networks. The album will be released on September 24, 2021, on all major audio streaming platforms such as  Siriusxm, Spotify, Pandora, iTunes etc. 

“It’s a great moment for me to announce the release of my upcoming comedy special, ‘NICE TO MEET ME’, this month. The special is my humble effort to smile and rekindle the spirit of positivity in these grim times”, stated Fatimah Taliah. 

“NICE TO MEET ME” revolves around a funny story about getting to know about oneself. The special was shot in Los Angeles, CA, on October 24th 2020, during the peak of pandemic. 

Speaking on the inspiration behind the upcoming special, the popular comedienne mentioned an urgent need for artists to fight for re-establishing their career in the post-pandemic era. She mentioned, like many, she too had no shows over the last one and half year due to COVID-19 restrictions. Her career was blooming 2 years back and in 2020, when her graph was just about to shoot up, the world stopped. But a braveheart that she is, Fatimah Taliah knew she cannot stop, in spite of the many adversities around. It’s such ethos that inspired her to compose and shoot “NICE TO MEET ME” during the heat of the current pandemic.

“The pandemic has not only dealt a blow to the health sector but has also caused disaster in the job sector, especially for artists. The lockdown and social distancing restrictions led to closed stages for months, leaving artists like us with almost nothing to fall back upon. We haven’t performed in shows for months – have lost our comfort zone, our therapy. But, then, we cannot let these grim times stop us from taking our show to people. I hope, apart from entertaining the listeners, ‘NICE TO MEET ME’ would also be able to inspire strength in my fellow artists to rise up and march ahead, despite the challenges around.” 

About Fatimah Taliah 

A multi-talented artist, Fatimah Taliah is a former model, actress, comedienne, and writer. She began her career in 2010 in the sketch comedy space and also in the acting scene. Over the years, she has performed in various famous TV shows and films, such as “Life In Pieces”, “Goliath”, “We are gathered here today”, and so on. As a comedienne, Fatimah has performed as a popular stand-up comedian at various esteemed venues, like Hollywood Improv, the Comedy Store, the Laugh Factory. She claimed fame with her performance on TruTV’s Laffmobb Lafftracks in 2018/2019. Fatimah has also performed in several TV shows for Comedy Central, NBC, and CBS. 

For more information, please visit https://www.beingfatimahtaliah.com 

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