3 Best Ways to Keep eBay Accounts Secure from Online Threats

September 21 18:12 2021

eBay is one of the go-to e-commerce platforms in the United States. The platform has seen an increase when it comes to its daily active users. This surge is mainly because of the COVID-19 pandemic where people cannot go outside.

Also, ever since the pandemic, wire transfers are the most in-demand payment method to help decrease physical interactions with other people during deliveries. 

Aside from less interactions, the wire transfer method is helpful as it is very easy and convenient. All the users have to do is link their online banking accounts then they can use it already to pay for their purchases.

But, although conducive, users who utilize wire transfers in eBay can be more vulnerable to online threats, since eBay has a huge visibility in the public web space. Certainly, cyberthieves are doubling their time in trying to access every susceptible account there is on eBay.

Good news is, there are ways to keep eBay accounts secure from online threats that are just roaming around cyberspace. 

Users won’t be the next gambits of online breachers and hackers when they follow these measures:

  1. Change passwords frequently

Users must often change their passwords on eBay app, email accounts, and their online banking accounts to get ahead of online threats. And not just any other password, but a strong one. Combine alphabets, numbers, and special characters on passwords. A pro tip: users must not use their social media passwords to these avenues. This way, cyberthieves would just leave their online profiles and data alone.

  1. Download and use a good antivirus software

A good antivirus software helps online users avoid malware attacks that websites and apps might give to their devices. These malwares cause destruction to the device which will help online threats get online data from users. But before downloading one, users  must research first so that they will know which antivirus tools are legit and safe to use.

  1. Connect to a trusted Virtual Private Network (VPN)

By downloading a VPN, users will be guaranteed of their online security and privacy. A VPN helps users hide their online data and activities so that third parties won’t be able to see them. This also means total anonymity for the users.

But, in order to achieve this, users must choose a trusted and reliable VPN app.

A free VPN app like GoingVPN can help online users, especially eBay purchasers who use the wire transfer method in paying for their orders. This way, their valuable information like online banking details, passwords, and contact details won’t be seen by anyone on the web.

This free VPN app boasts its premium VPN services that include tight encryption process, max-speed technology, and unlimited data bandwidth. Anyone can experience this free VPN app’s perks without breaking the bank.

This VPN app is available on Play Store and App Store.

Key Takeaways

Currently, online shopping is necessary. After all, this industry has brought plenty of jobs for tons of people across the globe. So, with online threats also working hard to steal and breach data, every one must take care of their online presence.

Be more cautious in giving out online information and always check whether a website or an app is legit before inputting data. By following the aforementioned measures by heart, everyone can be safe from cyberthieves.

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