Functioning Appliances are More Important Now during Stay-at-Home Orders

September 21 17:12 2021

With the newest restrictions in place now due to the Pandemic, more Canadians than ever are at home for longer periods.  Appliances are used more as a result, and of course, that leads to more breakdowns of appliances.  Being under a stay-at-home order is stressful enough without having to deal with a malfunctioning appliance such as a dishwasher, refrigerator, or stove.  Prime Appliance Repairs stands ready to assist safely with the necessary regulations in place during the Pandemic and is offering a special coupon discount of a free service call once a client signs up for a repair. 

The usual price is 89 CAD +HST but because of the stress already that Canadians are facing, Prime Appliance Repairs is applying this discount to help alleviate some of the stress experienced by those in the GTA and Hamilton areas of Canada.  With 12 locations, there is a vast service area for Canadians and the costs are transparent with Prime Appliance Repairs.  What they quote on repair, is the price that will be adhered to.  A full invoice is provided before repairs begin so all current and future customers will know exactly what the cost of repairing any appliance will be before work proceeds.

Since the Pandemic has created an increased need for appliance repair, and Prime Appliance Repairs cares about the health and well-being of all its clients, this company has gone above and beyond the regulations in effect.  All social distancing is followed while inside a client’s home, and PPE is used extensively.  Even the tools that are used are sanitized after each repair, so no infections will unwittingly be spread.  The certified technicians are screened routinely for Covid, and the clients who come to them for repair will be asked about Covid symptoms.  The health and well-being of all clients and technicians are a priority with Prime Appliance Repairs. 

All major brands are serviced, and the costs of appliance repairs, whether large or small, are extremely affordable.  Most appliances can be repaired rather than replaced, which saves clients a lot of time and money in the end.  Imagining the thought of a washing machine, stove, or dishwasher, or even a microwave oven breaking down during Pandemic lockdowns is enough to make clients have Prime Appliance Repairs on their list of ‘must have’ numbers to call in emergencies. 

With or without stay-at-home orders, Prime Appliance Repairs will be a cost-saving service overall into the future.  The costs of having an appliance repaired are small compared to the costs of replacing an appliance.  Keep the phone number and information on the website handy for those times when any appliance malfunctions and allow Prime Appliance Repairs to run to the rescue.

About Prime Appliance Repairs

Prime Appliance Repairs is open in the GTA and Hamilton areas.  There are 12 locations across the Canadian landscape and Prime Appliance Repairs is following all stay-at-home and Pandemic restrictions and have even enhanced these regulations for ultimate safety.  There is a coupon available now to assist with the cost of a service call, and there is a blog, phone, contact form, and email for quick servicing.  A chat feature is included on the site.  A total breakdown of Pandemic regulations that are followed appears on the website as well. 

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