Shipping From the US to Canada in the Covid-19 World

September 21 16:18 2021

Covid-19 shook the entire world, and it’s made everything just a little more complicated. Each country is handling things a little differently. Most of the world has dealt with lockdown and shutdowns, and travel restrictions. Then things looked as if they were going to open back up. Some areas lifted mask mandates as the vaccines became widely available. Sadly, then people were faced with the delta variant, and everyone had to readjust. This pandemic has left everyone scrambling to try to keep up.

Businesses looking to have goods shipped from the US to Canada need trustworthy services that provide the broadest range of options now more than ever. There aren’t any businesses, small or large, that haven’t been impacted by the pandemic. Smaller enterprises have perhaps taken a harder hit than most, and that’s why it’s so important to make sure international shipments are handled properly.

“The pandemic has been difficult for almost all businesses. From having to shut down production to having to wait in the very early days to know even what was going to come next, it’s been tricky all the way around. However, there are ways to help ensure that there aren’t any problems when it comes to shipping, like working with a professional service who has vaccinated drivers, for instance.” Said a spokesperson for the company.

In general, there are no restrictions on trade, and drivers are considered essential workers. Also, there are often exceptions in place for them from some of the travel restrictions. International shipping can be highly complicated without pandemic issues to consider. So, working with a qualified shipping company can benefit a business that needs to move products from the US to Canada.

When working with an international shipping service provider, the business won’t have to understand all the details that go into international shipping. Companies are struggling to recover from the pandemic, and adding difficult tasks like understanding all the customs procedures, paperwork, and other requirements involved in international shipping can be too much. So instead, choosing a company that knows all the minutiae of the industry can save time and costly mistakes.

“For many businesses, money is tight. So not getting the paperwork right on an international shipment can be a costly error. They aren’t joking around at the border. There are serious security and legal issues involved when a company is shipping goods into another country. Unless everything is done just right, it can quickly be rejected by the inspectors.” Added the spokesperson.

Working with a qualified shipping company can actually save small businesses money. Not just by avoiding errors but by knowing the best and most affordable ways to move their product.

About RoadLINX

RoadLINX is an international shipping and freight company that offers a wide range of freight shipment options. They have specialized containers to ensure a way to ship the widest variety of products, including heated and refrigerated trailer options. In addition, they work with only the most highly qualified drivers and technicians to ensure each shipment meets business needs. 

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