Wall Street Trading Cards Helps People Transition from Passive Money Savers to Active Investors

September 20 21:27 2021
This investment company promotes financial education through their 2021 StockUp Boxes that could best serve as gifts to loved ones.

In an unstable economy, people should look for ways on how to be financially stable by exploring legitimate investments such as stocks. Investing in the said assets can allow one’s money to grow at a faster rate compared to those stuck in a bank account. Informed investors can aim for bigger returns by growing their assets such as company shares over time. With the understandable concerns of jumping right into the field of investing, Wall Street Trading Cards helps people get started by educating them first about it.

Wall Street Trading Cards recently launched a unique product called the 2021 StockUp Box, which introduces people to the world of investing, while offering a real share of publicly traded companies through a share card. The share card is included in the box of trading cards. The company acknowledges the fact that the industry is indeed more volatile than banking but they do not want people to miss the opportunity of benefiting from any rise in the market. Such an event will help them recover from a short-term fall.

“There is never a better time to start investing than the present,” said Co-Founder and CEO Charles Parrino.

Charles began to learn about investing as early as middle school, ultimately helping educate other local schools about the stock market. He founded the company together with Samuel and Marco Parrino who have been invested in the market early as well. Today, they continuously pursue the vision of having a company that fully embodies both knowledge and investing to empower others to begin their journey of creating sustainable wealth. Moreover, they strive to help others begin investment careers that can lead to a major long-term portfolio of stocks in the future.

Their unique share cards, which would be a feature card in the set, represent a real share of stock redeemable on their website at https://wallstreettradingcards.com/. Those who have received a share card should simply input the serial number in the redeem section of the online store. Wall Street Trading Cards will then send an electronic gift card with the share price at the market close for the company. There is one share card in each Wall Street Trading Cards box that allows people to learn how to invest. The brokerage firm that will handle the trade upon redemption is Stockpile, which will ensure that people successfully become shareholders of the company they redeemed. To know more about their company and gifting opportunities, visit their website now.

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Wall Street Trading Cards is a fully operating company that has sold hundreds of boxes to date and continues to see success in the future. They introduce interested investors to the world of investing while offering a real share of publicly traded companies inside each box of trading cards.

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