Payable Makes Digital Payments Easy with Just a Few Clicks

September 20 21:12 2021
Automating the collection of electronic payments for a wide range of businesses.

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, some businesses started to explore options for collecting payments and registration online. What seemed to be a trial then has now become a reality as people were forced to stay at home for their safety, which resulted in small businesses being forced to find a way to adopt old in-person processes quickly. The traditional means of collecting cash and checks has now shifted to digital options. With this change, Payable has created an innovative solution to make online payments easy and safe.

Designed and developed in Toronto, Canada, Payable develops easy to use applications, add-ons, and plugins. The logic behind their innovations is pretty simple – and that is to simplify the effort needed when accepting, collecting, and reporting electronic payments. Customers can bid farewell to manual accounting and the numerous envelopes of cash and wrinkled paper checks, thanks to its seamless solutions.

In a recently released Google Forms Add-on, Payable Forms now lets people accept money as part of their form submission. Payments are automatically calculated based on customer answers, where a connected Google Sheet is updated accordingly so it will be easier to track payment status. It works like magic – and the best thing is, almost anything can be created with a Payable Google Form. From event registrations, membership sign-ups, order forms, deposit requests, online ordering, to fundraising, as long as it’s thinkable and can be executed in a Google Form, it can be transformed and made “Payable”.

Additionally, Payable Forms can be customized according to the user’s needs. Their checkout settings are flexible, covering options for charging taxes, collecting shipping information, and the addition of a handling fee. Not to mention that they can also generate automatic themes to instantly sync the look and feel of the original Google Forms. Notifications can also be personalized according to preference every time a submission or payment is made either via email or SMS.

Aside from the obvious real time updates and helpful customer service, Payable hosts a secure checkout for all of its users. They keep all customer payment data safe and secure by allowing sellers to connect their payment service provider of choice like Stripe or PayPal. This gives them peace of mind knowing that their card data will never be unknowingly touched, transmitted, or stored.

Overall, Payable has created a simple user experience – from submission to checkout – through their online solutions. The Payable Forms Add-on for Google Forms now has over 43,000 installs and is one of the top rated extensions in the Google Workspace Marketplace.

For more information on how to experience an easier way to collect digital payments, visit the Payable website at

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Payable Inc. creates applications, add-ons, and plugins designed and developed in Canada to make collecting electronic payment automatic and easy.

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