eLearning Launch Offers Opportunities for Career Expansion With Instructional Design

September 09 00:30 2021
Improve your skillset and start a vibrant career as an instructional designer with eLearning Launch.

One of the biggest changes brought by the pandemic is the shift towards online learning courses to secure in-demand jobs in an economy that’s steadily moving towards a skills-based landscape. eLearning Launch, an online digital learning academy, aims to provide such opportunities for career transition and self-improvement with innovative instructional design courses.

Instructional design is a discipline focused on creating high-quality resources to boost learning outcomes in educational institutions. It also aims to boost work efficiency in corporate sectors. As Alexander Salas, eLearning Launch founder succinctly said, “Instructional designers make learning easier and improve performance in the workplace.”

With eLearning Launch’s self-paced digital courses, aspiring instructional designers are equipped with the necessary digital skills to progressively build their portfolios and effectively navigate the industry. Even total beginners can benefit from the lessons as they are designed with beginners in mind.

Since the academy’s inception in January 2020, eLearning Launch has successfully helped over a hundred individuals achieve their career and self-development goals.

Each of eLearning Launch’s self-paced courses consists of comprehensive reading materials, video demonstrations, and optional work assignments that can then be shared in the academy’s Slack community. Lessons also consist of real-life simulations and activities designed to strengthen student’s adaptability and critical thinking.

Some of the courses offered by eLearning Launch include lessons on storytelling, interactive videos, and creating tutorials. There are also lessons on using instructional designs skills in a corporate setting.

There are no quizzes. Progress is measured by the student’s ability to complete given requirements on time.

Starting next week, the academy will be providing live cohorts on instructional design and augmented reality. Cohorts, which consists of 25 to 30 participants, provide more opportunities for social learning and collaboration. This mimics real-life scenarios where support from peers and teamwork are integral.

The demand for instructional designers has seen a massive increase in the past year due to the pandemic and will continue to do so as the need for digital learning materials grows. Outside of the educational sector, instructional designers will remain vital as many organizations turn to digital resources for corporate training and development.

Those looking to transition into the career are likely to see favorable prospects.

Anyone interested in starting a career as an instructional designer can learn more about it at http://www.elearninglaunch.com/.

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eLearning Launch is a digital academy focused on equipping aspiring digital learning designers with the necessary skills to transition and succeed in the field.

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