Dr. Clarice Kavanaugh Shatters Stereotypes About Age and Success

August 31 01:03 2021
Dr. Clarice Kavanaugh Shatters Stereotypes About Age and Success

Everyone has the opportunity to achieve their goals regardless of their age; this is Dr. Clarice Kavanaugh’s philosophy. 

The impressive individual has had a successful career in sales and marketing that spans over 30 years. However, after spending most of her life in the pharmaceutical industry and the corporate world, she decided it was time to take her expertise somewhere else. 

Realizing that she can use her knowledge to elevate other people’s careers, she decided to become an influencer and educator. In addition, her passion lies in seeing people develop and take on the next level of their careers.

To fulfill her mission, she went back to school, where she taught Organizational Leadership. In university, she quickly became a beloved professor for her no-nonsense approach and teaching prowess. She ensures to provide her students with clear learning materials and other tools that would facilitate their learning. Furthermore, she promotes independent learning, acceptance, and the willingness to apply the materials.

On top of that, she is also known for her natural talent of connecting with all kinds of individuals. One of Clarice’s priorities is to build a strong connection and rapport with her students, which has significantly increased class engagement and the motivation to learn.

When she is not teaching in university, the outstanding woman is also a mentor for professionals and organizations. Through her management consulting firm, The Kavanaugh Group, LLC, she trains people to improve their professional careers and increase their organizational effectiveness.

The venture offers several critical services, including executive coaching, performance coaching, conflict management, DEI, and compliance training. In addition, Clarice is a professional performance coach. She and her company cater to an admirable list of clients such as law firms, nonprofit foundations, energy companies, school districts, small businesses, and large corporations. 

Because of her unparalleled knowledge, Dr. Clarice Kavanaugh has become a sought-after facilitator of leadership behaviors, team building, and communication workshops by renowned organizations, both private and public.

What makes the educator stand out is her passion for helping other people. Motivated by her advocacy for individual and organizational effectiveness, she has developed an array of innovative and diverse programs. The goal of these programs is to support an organization’s employee training and development, partnerships, and organizational enrichment. 

Most importantly, she champions the idea that it is never too late to achieve one’s goals. She makes it a point to impart to her students and mentees the importance of seizing every opportunity. She even shared, “You’re never too old. Never give up, rejuvenate, elevate, and rebuild!”

Aside from being a successful mentor and entrepreneur, Dr. Clarice Kavanaugh also hosts a podcast named The Pain of Change with Dr. Clarice, where she speaks to various guests such as epidemiologists and university presidents.

In the future, the productive individual hopes to expand her business and be able to speak on global platforms so she can inspire more people.

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