Tiffany Williams-Parra: The Extraordinary Lifestyle Coach Who Leads by Example

August 31 00:51 2021
Tiffany Williams-Parra: The Extraordinary Lifestyle Coach Who Leads by Example

The phoenix is a majestic bird that symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings. Inspired by what the mythical creature represents, Tiffany Williams-Parra created the Phoenix Fitness Fanatics Magazine, which shows people the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Tiffany Williams-Parra is a certified life coach and fitness trainer who helps people transition into having a better and healthier lifestyle. Her journey with wellness and fitness began in 2008 after experiencing health issues caused by her unhealthy ways, such as eating fast food, consuming enormous amounts of alcohol, and stress. Since then, she has made the commitment to pursue a better lifestyle.

However, like most people, she, too, experienced some ups and downs in her long and arduous journey to fitness. But despite going through some difficulties, the determined woman persevered, and she has since lost over 100 lbs.

Her firsthand experience helped her gain awareness about many things when it comes to health and wellness. For example, she realized that aside from losing one’s physical weight, people also need to let go of the mental and spiritual baggage that comes with it. This understanding motivated Tiffany to take on the mission of helping others successfully release the weight of the things holding them back from shifting the best version of themselves.

She went on to create her brand with the goal of sharing her voice and story with the public. As Tiffany eloquently explained, “I want to show people that like the Phoenix, they too can release the things that do not serve them to evolve and emerge from the ashes of life a brand-new brilliant version of themselves! Anything is possible!”

What separates her from other fitness coaches is her passion for assisting others and her commitment to providing her clients with a holistic and comprehensive approach. Tiffany is part of the Fitness is my Life community and is one of the online trainers. Clients can choose from her packages which are strategically designed to help them elevate physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially through lasting lifestyle changes. In addition, she offers online workouts, group health coaching, and individual transformational coaching.

As a mastermind facilitator, she helps people pinpoint the root cause of what is stopping them from reaching their set goals. On top of that, she helps them overcome the fear of stepping out of their comfort zones. 

Most importantly, she leads by example and instills in her clients the importance of showing up no matter the circumstances. She is a beacon of hope and encouragement to her clients, significantly contributing to their success. 

Aside from being a renowned healthy lifestyle transformation coach Tiffany Williams-Parra is a prolific author and writer. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of Phoenix Fitness Fanatics Magazine, “Elevating Your Mind, Body, & Spirit.” The venture allows the insightful woman to reach a wider audience and serves as another avenue for her to share more of her expertise and knowledge regarding health, wellness, and fitness. 

When asked about her plans for the future, the inspiring individual shared, “I see myself partnering with some amazing subject matter experts to create a local community center where we can teach kids and adults how to live a healthier, happier lifestyle.”

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