The 8th Sichuan International Tourism Trade Expo Will Open in Leshan Welcome to Beautiful Leshan

August 31 00:40 2021

The 8th Sichuan International Tourism Trade Expo will be held from September 2 to 5 in Leshan City, Sichuan Province, China.

Photo by Li Tao

As understood, the Expo this year will take the epidemic situation into account by adjusting and improving the content, form carrier, connotation and extension of the exhibition online and offline. It will focus on the five major sections of exhibition, communication, competition, activities and marketing, including the opening ceremony, Emei Lundao (a green bamboo snake brand), 2021 tourism commodity competition with Chinese characteristics, “Gallant Way”drama week and more than 10 other activities, all aim to become a “safe, smooth, green, value-oriented, humanistic” tourism trade expo.

According to reports, Leshan is fully implementing the requirements related to epidemic prevention and control, concurrently with actively carrying out the revival work of the cultural and tourism sectors, mainly reflected in highlight in three aspects—new cooperation in regional cultural tourism, new lines’ creation and promotion, and new marketing online and offline.

Photo by He Yunlan

In strengthening the exchange and cooperation with the guest of honor, South Korea, it is planned to launch the “Sino-Korean friendship and enjoyment of the world heritage — Leshan inbound tourism marketing activities for Korea”. South Korean tourists visiting Leshan Giant Buddha, Mount Emei and Dongfeng Yan – Thousand Buddha Rock Scenic Area will enjoy free tickets. In strengthening exchanges and cooperation with the guest of honor province of Henan, it will organize the “friendships with martial arts, expanding exchanges between world-Emei and Shaolin martial arts”; and strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the theme of Ziyang City, Chongqing Dazu District, to further enrich the content of the Bashu Grottoes Cultural Tourism Corridor Alliance, a joint exhibition of “See the Bashu Grottoes” will be held in Leshan, Ziyang and Dazu.

“Leyou Jiaxue”, a global brand for international research and study travel, will actively exploring ways to create research and study tourism products in the promotion of Leshan’s traditional products. During the Expo, representatives from Ya’an and Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture will jointly launch the “Happy Tour in Dadu River Scenic Byway in Sichuan—2021 Sichuan Dadu River Scenic Byway Tourism”, and start the activities in the L10 theme selection series for Leshan cultural tourism in 2021, excavating and displaying the new highlights and new projects of Leshan Cultural and tourism development, promoting “tourism +” and “+tourism” as integrated development strategies, highlighting the advantages of regional development, so as to support recovery and revitalization of Leshan’s cultural tourism market.

The Expo promote online OTA marketing, with Ctrip, Tongcheng, Antbee’s Nest and other travel e-commerce joint online marketing, launch Emei boutique travel lines, and plan and organize the “Conferance on the development of e-commerce in Bashu—Sichuan-Chongqing”, “2021 Leshan Taste Top 30”and other activities. The Expo provides an excellent opportunity to expose Leshan’s brand worldwide.

As one of the major platforms for promoting the open development of tourism in Sichuan, Sichuan International Tourism Trade Expo has been successfully held for seven consecutive times since it landed in Leshan in 2014, gradually become an international tourism exhibition and regional brand exhibition with great influence in China, which has powerfully enhanced the popularity, reputation and influence of tourism in Sichuan and Leshan.

Photo by Li Tao

Historically, Leshan was called Jiazhou. It has an intriguing history, a splendid culture, beautiful mountains and rivers, and amazing people. Its many ancient monuments, such as Emei, Buddha, and Moruo, combine harmoniously. It has the world cultural and natural heritage of Emei Mountain, the Leshan Giant Buddha, and the International Irrigation Project World Heritage Dongfeng Weir, and boasts 37 world-class and national-level tourism resources. A national historical and cultural city, as well as a national garden city, Leshan is an excellent tourist destination in China and a key member of the Chengdu-Chongqing Double City Economic Circle and the Chengdu Rim Economic Circle.

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