Silver Nanowire Technology Brings One Foldable Terminal

August 30 19:12 2021

Bright marketing prospect-Silver nanowire technology allows all terminals to converge into one foldable terminal in the future

Previously, ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) materials, which are used for the conductive layers of smart phones and tablet computer display screens, were almost monopolized by Japan. However, ITO materials are difficult to apply to large-size touch screens and flexible screens due to their high resistance and easy breakage. Moreover, the material is prepared at a high temperature and is expensive, mainly because it needs to grow scarce indium on the surface. The nano-thickness silver nanowire film exhibits the same photoelectric properties as ITO, and it can still maintain good performance after being flexed thousands of times.

Currently, the technical routes of ITO alternative materials mainly include metal grids, nano silver wires, carbon nanotubes and graphene materials. Now, only metal grids and silver nanowires can be actually mass-produced and put into industrial applications. Compared with AgNWs, metal grids are limited in application due to the moiré problem. On the whole, silver nanowire technology is the best alternative material for ITO at this stage.

Silver nanowire technology allows all terminals to be converged into one foldable terminal in the future. If intelligence is the highlight of today’s electronic products, then we also believe that flexible displays are equally important. Some world-renowned large companies officially launched products using nano silver wire technology. From the degree of screen bending shown by these companies, it can be seen that the flexibility of this new technology screen in the future is quite good, and it is likely to be applied in smart wearable devices, automotive touch dashboards and various types, and even 6 to 8 inch embedded touch control screen on a large entertainment devices in the future. 

Silver nanowires are suitable for large-size touch screens and flexible displays, and the market is optimistic. Maybe in the near future, we can “roll up” the tablet and put it in our pocket. Larger, thinner and softer, this is the new touch screen world brought to us by nano silver wires.

Hongwu Nano’s silver nanowire technology is advanced, mature and stable, and has received many feedback from our customers with successful trials. The specifications of silver nanowires available as follows:

Product name: silver nanowires:

Wire diameter: 20-40nm, 30-50nm, 50-70nm, 70-110nm, can be customized;

Wire length: 10-30um, 20-60um;

Solvent: water, ethanol, or customized.

The concentration of the solution: conventionally 10mg/ml (1%), or produced according to customer requirements.

For better and easy application, now, silver nanowires water-based ink is available also.

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