Nano Titanium Dioxide New Use: Early Warning Of Carbon Fiber Composite Materials Lose Efficacy

August 30 19:08 2021

Carbon fiber has the characteristics of high strength and light weight, and the composite material with polymer is very suitable for aerospace, automotive industry, wind turbine blades and sporting goods. However, such composite materials will fail catastrophically without warning, similar to the collapse of ceramics.

Recently, researchers from Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Virginia Tech and State University developed a technique and published it in the Journal of Composites Science and Technology. By simply adding nano-TiO2, it can provide early warning of losing efficacy.

Carbon fiber composite materials, especially composite materials based on epoxy resin, are prone to delamination when the bond between the fiber and the matrix fails. In the absence of any external warning signs, sudden fractures may occur, which limits the usefulness of these composite materials in structural applications. People are exploring different ways to monitor the structural integrity of carbon fiber composites, such as embedding piezoresistive materials in the material, which changes resistance with strain. Piezoresistive materials can convert mechanical strain into electrical signals, which can be detected by sensors to monitor the structural health of composite materials.

Researchers embed TiO2 Nano titanium dioxide nanoparticles in the polymer coating or sizing of carbon fibers to make the piezoresistive material uniformly distributed throughout the composite material. Sizing is usually used for carbonized carbon fiber, so that it is easy to process and utilize and combine with the matrix, and finally establish strain sensing ability in this process. When the pressure is eliminated, the resistance is zero, and when the pressure is generated, the resistance increases. Of course, the amount of TiO2 nanoparticles added needs to be controlled, too high a proportion will reduce the strength of the composite material, and proper addition will enhance the damping performance (shock absorption and buffering performance) of the material.

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