Strong Retirement Income Solutions Reveal One of the Best Kept Secrets in the 401(k) Market

August 30 16:24 2021
A financial firm that transforms success into significance with expert retirement solutions and legendary client service

With over 35 years of experience in educating retirees and pre-retirees about retirement plans and retirement planning, Strong Retirement Income Solutions (SRIS) reveals one of the major secrets of the industry. Currently, more than 73 million participants are serviced by over 500,000 401(k) plans. Yet, most of these participants end up dissatisfied, confused, and do not understand their plan or how it works. 

For years, investment options offered in company-sponsored retirement plans were restricted to a preselected list of mutual funds that the plan participant chose. The S.D.B.A. or Self-Directed Brokerage Account option allows participants to use an experienced professional Active Money Manager to independently manage a core of specialty funds. While this account option may be one of the best, it only may be available in approximately 40% of retirement plans, and of those only 3-4% of the plans use it.

Strong Retirement Income Solutions reveals that the biggest secret to getting the best out of the SDBA is choosing a money manager. According to the financial firm, ‘‘This oftentimes means using a proactive asset management style with a stop/loss risk strategy. The stop/loss strategy uses mathematical, non-emotional indicators which signal when to enter and exit the market while using selected proprietary mutual funds designed for all investment strategies.’’

Owned and managed by Roy and his daughters Stephanie and Sarah  Strong Retirement Income Solutions is a 35-year-old boutique Independent Financial Planning firm that is family owned and operated. The company helps its clients to achieve specific financial goals they may have. This ranges from college or retirement preparations to long-term care insurance protection. They, however, focus on retirement income and educating retirees to eliminate their fear of running out of money. They help clients create guaranteed streams of income as well as liquidity account with a top money manager who invests their funds daily.

For 35 years, Roy and his team has educated, advised, and consulted with individuals on the best ways to accumulate, conserve and transfer wealth. Roy is President and CEO of Strong Financial Services Inc., a registered investment advisor, he is also an IAR, individual advisor representative, Roy is also an RFC, a registered financial consultant, he is also a Long-Term Care Specialist.  He runs the company alongside his two partners, his daughters: Stephanie Wagers and Sarah Strong. On a personal note, Roy has been married close to 50 years to his wife Judy who also works in the office. They together have 4 children and 4 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild. The family is very proud of their grandson in the military. Roy enjoys spending time with his family and keeps busy attending his grandchildren’s games.

Stephanie Wagers joined the firm in 2001 as client service and business development officer. She currently takes complex personal and financial ideas and distills them into user-friendly visual and clearly constructed written retirement and financial plans.  “As a team, we get such satisfaction working with retirees or soon to be retirees accomplishing the goals and desires the client has. This is what it is all about- helping others get where they need/want to be,” says Stephanie. She is an RFC, a registered financial consultant, and a certified Long Term Care specialist. She is married to Jason, for 19 years. She also has a son Gavin, who plays on the BHS Varsity Soccer Team, and a daughter Brooklee who is a member of the National Honor Society and on the Brownsburg softball team. They also have 2 dogs Lola and Annabell.

In 2004, Sarah Strong joined as the onsite technology manager, handling online client accounts. As a Registered Financial Consultant and Certified Long Term Care specialist, she currently handles financial reports and assists, clients, with new account set up. Sarah strongly believes that technology can make the firm’s relationship with clients more personal. 

Sarah is single and is a dog mom. She has a rottweiler named Sofia. Sarah loves outdoor activities, such as running- kayaking – hiking – and also enjoys traveling and the beach. She loves spending time with the family and hiking the trails with Sofia at our State Parks.

The company prides itself in being able to keep long-term relationships with clients that span generations. This is because they can tailor Retirement Plans that fit everyone.

Strong Retirement Income Solutions works with high network individuals and picks its clients strategically for maximum satisfaction. They pay attention to clients’ needs, educate them on their options, and only move forward if they are satisfied with the answers to their questions. They allow their prospective clients to make their decisions for themselves without any pressure.

‘‘I was introduced to the Strong’s by a friend, and I am very grateful!  They are very professional, yet personable,  treating you like you are their best friend, and having your best interests at heart.  They have invested for me at a higher rate of return than I have ever had!  They respond to my phone calls or emails immediately, being willing to even take their lunch hour to answer any questions.  They are honest, sincere, and genuine, and will give great advice about your financial situation,’’ says a client. M.S.

About the founder

Roy is a Registered Investment Adviser, Financial Consultant, Certified Long Term Care specialist and Fiduciary with over 35 years of experience. He holds the Series 65 professional registration for Indiana and is registered in 5 other states. Roy holds an undergraduate degree from Purdue University and attended Clemson University seeking a master’s degree of science.

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