Art And Fashion Meets Extreme Sports With The Launch Of 2ZTD Clothing Company

August 30 17:33 2021
Art And Fashion Meets Extreme Sports With The Launch Of 2ZTD Clothing Company
From the streets of San Diego, California, emerges an online streetwear clothing company, 2ZTD, which combines the love of action sports, a passion for streetwear, and high doses of creativity, to create a fashion-forward clothing collection for skaters, off-roaders, BMXers, and lovers of the extreme.

SAN DIEGO – 2ZTD brings to market a wide selection of stylish men’s and women’s clothing items, swimwear, hats, and beanies, and bags and backpacks. “We provide badass clothing that looks like it was designed for the fashion runway, but is worn on the racing dirt ways… or anywhere in between,” said the 2ZTD marketing team. 

“We value the creativity derived from modern street fashions and have combined this, along with urban themes, to create quality streetwear clothing for action extremists. Combining action sports, and artistic expression, we empower those, from teens to those in their 30s, who don’t conform to the conventional look,” said the marketing team at 2ZTD.”

Those behind this quality clothing brand identified a gap in the streetwear clothing market and decided to bring new clothing products to audiences in dire need of original expression as well as functionality. “In the creative space, sometimes creativity is hindered by the type of project you’re working on. However, having an innate flair for art and creativity, we found products that fit with art. Coming from the entertainment industry, having worked on numerous award-winning movie poster designs and TV show design packaging, we wanted to start a company that evoked thought through a high level of creativity.” 

“And so, we’ve brought a high level of art and mixed it with fashion for the extreme sports and streetwear sector. And we’re not holding back.”

While expressing individuals’ fun, edgy side, each clothing item is made from the highest quality materials for the ultimate in wearability and comfort. “This type of attire is perfect for daily wear and for hanging out on the weekends. You will appreciate the creative themes and designs features on the clothing as well as the quality materials and comfort of the products, which is a key to functional streetwear.” 

Along with clothing items and accessories offered, 2ZTD also offers a bespoke clothing collection and a variety of accessories for teens. “Teens are notorious for wanting to be on the cutting edge of fashion, and shopping on our website will allow you to find the most popular designs and trends for great prices. Teen apparel is known for being fun and artistic while being comfortable. We are a perfect match for fashion-forward teens.”

Not only will this online streetwear clothing company change the fashion scene on the streets of San Diego, California, but its eCommerce store is already bringing action-packed fashion to international audiences. “International audiences – those within the extreme sporting space – are already taking notice.” 

With a high record of sales already experienced by the team at 2ZTD, they’re not only bringing creative fashion to the international stage, but they’re also dead set on revolutionizing the streetwear scene around the world. “We’ve taken style, polished that thing up, dragged it through the streets and dirt, and made fashion uniquely our own. Rugged, raw, and real. And we’re going to do this across the globe.”

Boilerplate: 2ZTD is a modern streetwear clothing company that creates and markets upscale modern streetwear for younger audiences who aren’t afraid to express their personal style and who value comfort and quality.

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