Valari Launches Customizable Gaming Pillow

August 30 17:18 2021
Gaming support pillow that ensures a comfortable gaming experience. No more aches & pains while gaming.

Nadim Makarem and Hilal Kanafani debut a new product for gamers, called The Valari. The Valari is the world’s first dedicated gaming pillow, developed by gamers for gamers. It has been designed to allow gamers to play with good posture, removing aches & pains.

Nadim and Hilal set out to solve a common problem, discomfort while gaming. As anyone who has played computer games knows, aches and pains have long gone hand in hand with long sessions of gaming. These pains are almost always linked to one thing, bad posture while playing.

The Valari looks to solve this problem by removing pressure from the gamer’s forearms, shoulders and neck. The Valari also encourages better posture, by making it more comfortable to sit up straight while gaming. Unlike other support pillows, the Valari provides comfortable support for wrists & hands, as well as arms.

The Valari comes in two versions, rare and legendary. The rare version is a no thrills basic gaming pillow with a choice of colors. The legendary version on the other hand offers gamers the ability to fully customize their pillow. They can choose from a variety of materials, colors and can even add their own gamer tags or logo.

The Valari will launch on Kickstarter in the fall of 2021.

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