OsteoBT recognize the 3 Main Trouble Spots for Osteoporosis and take Action before it’s too late

August 30 16:45 2021
Avoid breaking bones, back pain, joint pain and STOP Osteopenia from becoming Osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis can affect any bone in your body, and the most common trouble spots are wrists, spine, and hips. As the population grows older, the condition is becoming more widespread, take the Test today!

Use this quick guide to start lowering the risk for osteoporosis.

Wrist Care

A broken wrist is often an early sign of osteoporosis. That is especially true if the injury was caused by only minor force.

Adopt a neutral position. Practice holding wrists flat rather than letting them bend
backward while typing or lifting objects. This will guard against carpal tunnel syndrome and related injuries.

Wring a towel. In addition to dumbbell exercises, there are some moves available to do anywhere to condition wrists. Grab a towel by each end and twist it tightly.

Squeeze a ball. Another option is holding a ball in a palm and squeezing it with fingers. Point the middle finger towards the center to minimize joint stress.

Spinal Care

These injuries are almost twice as common as broken hips or wrists.

Watch for warning signs. Spotting compression fractures are possible by knowing what to look for.
Symptoms include sudden loss of height, difficulty breathing, a protruding stomach, and soreness in lower backs.

Work the abdominal cage. Firming up abdominal muscles take a load off the back. Engage the abs during workouts and daily tasks like carrying groceries.

Use caution bending forward. Having Osteoporosis means bending forward can contribute to spine and hip fractures. Use a pick-up cane to clean house and pick up keys while standing up.

Hip Care

Broken hips can trigger long term health issues and interfere with independent living.

Enhance vestibular balance. There are many ways to increase your balance and coordination. Sign up for www.osteobt.com to get extensive programs. Take turns standing on one leg at a time.

Strengthening legs is important as powerful legs will maintain stability much longer under stress. Train them with squats, lunges, and calf raises.

Refit the home. Modifying homes with safety in mind. Install grab bars in the bathroom, and extra lights in the back yard.

Additional Suggestions:

Genetics determine most risk factors for osteoporosis and prompt medical treatment with lifestyle changes make a big difference.

At Osteo BT managing your risk factors and designing a safe exercise program is paramount.

Eat foods rich in calcium. Calcium and Vitamin D are two important nutrients for bones. Include recipes to fortify this change.

Intensify specific workouts. At www.osteobt.com progressively overloading the body in a safe controlled environment to ensure no further injury occurs plus gaining strength as fast as possible is the focus.

Fighting osteoporosis ensures living longer and ageing gracefully is at the forefront. Work with Osteo BT to build strong bones by building up their strength and density with targeted exercises with healthy lifestyle choices.

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