What Types Of Car Accidents Can A Claim Be Filed For In Atlanta?

August 30 16:12 2021
Car Accident Injury Help.

Car accidents happen every day, but that doesn’t excuse the suffering caused by someone else’s dangerous driving. Medical bills and repair costs can pile up after a bad car wreck. Without the help of an auto accident lawyer, it can be difficult to receive all the needed financial compensation.

When an accident is caused by negligent driving, it’s appropriate to engage an attorney to seek all deserved financial restitution. If the other driver was driving carelessly, while intoxicated, or otherwise with indifference to safety, it’s lawful to file a personal injury claim against them.

Every driver on the road in Atlanta owes a duty to others to act reasonably behind the wheel to prevent accidents. A person driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or text messaging has breached this universal duty. If that person causes an accident, they could be held liable for the damages caused.

The Angell Law Firm handles many different types of auto accident cases every year. Some are head-on collisions, where one person drives directly into the front of an approaching vehicle. Other accidents include side swipes, t-bone accidents, and fender benders. In Atlanta, for any type of accident, it’s legally permitted to contact an attorney.

Can Lawsuits Be Filed After A Car Accident Without Physical Injury?

Car accidents are never black and white. What one person experiences in an accident is entirely unique to their situation. So it’s best to speak with an Atlanta car accident lawyer if a car crash happened in Georgia. Whether or not to file a lawsuit depends on the unique circumstances of the accident.

The Angell Law Firm attorneys are dedicated to helping Atlanta car accident victims fight for their rights. They work on a contingency basis: if compensation on behalf of their client is not achieved, they do not get paid either. In addition, they do not charge hourly rates for legal services, and never charge up front for a case evaluation.

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