Refresh Sports’ Collection of Outdoor Toys Encourage Kids to Have Fun and Be Active Outdoors

August 30 13:36 2021
Their toys and games provide the kind of exercise and play that benefits the body and soul.

With the world slowly opening its doors once again, parents are getting more confident to let their children play in the open — even if it’s just in their front yard. Refresh Sports is helping parents get their kids outside and be active by providing them with awesome outdoor toys for kids and kids at heart.

“Our company implements the ‘off the screens and on to the yard’ initiative. We want to bring back the days of being in the yard for hours and hours, never even thinking about a video game or iPad. We want to give your kids that same love for the outside air and the healthy feeling of coming home tired from all that outdoor fun,” shared a company representative.

Refresh Sports offers flying toys, soft toys, toys and games for group fun and many more on their website and Amazon store. The products in their featured collection have qualities that will charm kids to spend some enjoyable moments outdoors. Below are some of the most popular ones in their collections.

The Bouncy Paddle Game is a top beach, pool or yard game for kids. It is made from a durable and buoyant foam material, and the 30-inch paddles can be thrown like a frisbee.

Their plane gliders are rugged and durable mini foam airplanes that outperform the competition. Similar products have sloppy manufacturing processes and subpar material, easily breaking with barely any force applied. Refresh Sports’ gliders, on the other hand, are designed with an ultra-lightweight and durable foam purposed for high-speed impact.

The 27-Inch Beach Ball is made from strong, durable PVC material and fitted with a premium air valve, specifically designed for outdoor activities. Its soft, smooth material is safe for kids of any age and will stay inflated on grass, rocks, sand or any other environment.

Their rocket products are some of the best in the market. The Step Launcher has high-strength foam and handcrafted construction that is tried and tested by kids. These jump rockets also come with a sturdy rocket platform that won’t break over time. The Rocket Howler Slingshot Dart is a newly designed scream rocket slingshot that reaches heights of up to 250 feet with barely any effort.

Refresh Sports values customer service and satisfaction the most, so they have an open communication policy. If their customers have any questions or concerns, the company will resolve them as efficiently as possible in a professional manner.

With Refresh Sports’ support, parents can give their children the more active option of getting off the screens and spending fun and healthy activities right outside their door.

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Refresh Sports offers awesome collections of outdoor toys for kids and kids at heart.

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