Whitestone Diamonds Sells GTA Certified and High-quality Retail Jewelry

August 28 02:53 2021
Whitestone Diamonds Sells GTA Certified and High-quality Retail Jewelry

August 27, 2021 – Miami, FL – Being a GTA-certified diamond is not easy, and it gives a lot of thought before choosing a diamond. GTA certified diamonds are defined as diamonds that are certified and determined to have not been altered, compromised, or diminished in quality by human activity. GTA-certified diamonds have been identified as a specific category and are meticulously inspected and graded by independent inspectors. There are different grades of diamonds, such as premium and polished stones, which are graded according to four levels of diamond clarity. GTA-certified diamonds are renowned for their clarity, cut, color, and chemical composition. The best diamonds stores in Miami mainly sell GIA-certified diamonds. 

How is a diamond appraised?

A diamond is generally defined by its chemical formula, including the elements Carbon, Silicon, Iron, and Inner Glow that gives the diamond its rich, brilliant blue color. The following criteria must be met before starting the appraisal process.

Material: The smaller the diamond, the larger the weight. Don’t forget to compare the weight of a gemstone to that of an ounce. Gems larger than one inch are considered exceptional and can weigh up to six ounces in exceptional cases.

Color: Looking for an ideal color for the diamond? Typically the shade of blue or grey should be appropriate to the skin tone and reflect partner’s or friends’ personality. A diamond can vary from warm to cool and should never appear to be white or grey.

GTA Certified Diamonds offers a great opportunity for individuals to buy well-appraised diamonds and certified by the GIA. This is the only method that gives a real insight into what diamond is truly worth. Even if they are still in the rough, these unique diamonds will give peace of mind and make anyone’s engagement or wedding ring look great. The top-rated diamond store in Miami, Fl, never sells their diamond jewelry without GTA diamond certification.

Why Whitestone Diamonds?

The ultimate goal of Whitestone Diamond’s gemologist is to help people make more money in their purchases.  Whitestone Diamonds have been appraising diamonds for over 25 years now, and its thorough research has helped pinpoint the perfect stones for the discerning purchaser. Whitestone Diamonds is the premier gold buying and selling diamonds in Miami that sell high-quality retail jewelry at wholesale pricing.

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