Fat Fasting Kit Debuts as New Diet Meal Kit Focused on Total Body Rejuvenation

August 27 23:48 2021
Fat Fasting Kit offers a seamless transition to a healthy body composition for experienced and inexperienced dieters alike.

Karla Cardella is the founder of Fat Fasting Kit, a 3-day complete meal kit made and based in the USA, and now, she’s announcing the benefits of the Fat Fasting Kit to the health and wellness community. The Fat Fasting Kit was developed based on scientific data supporting metabolic shifts triggered by constructing specific levels of macro-nutrients into a multi-day diet.

Of the many perceived benefits of completing the Fat Fasting Kit, achieving greater daily energy resulting from the kit’s food composition is a notable standout.

Through researching the potential effects of certain macro-nutrients on the body, carbohydrates in excess stood out in food science studies to show elevated levels of fatigue, weight gain, and brain fog. Consumers of the Fat Fasting Kit can expect their meals to be formulated with the correct macro-nutrient breakdown for lower carbohydrate levels to potentially influence a metabolic shift to burning one’s own stored body fat as fuel while potentially nixing fatigue and brain fog.

Scientific studies show that intermittently restricting daily caloric intake can benefit the body’s ability to shed excess weight without negatively altering the body’s metabolism. The intermittent caloric deficit combined with a low carbohydrate/moderate protein/high fat food composition for 3 days that makes up the Fat Fasting Kit presets the body for weight loss success without the burden of extreme hunger that can accompany other forms of diets. In fact, many high fat/low carbohydrate dieters agree that hunger was not at the forefront of the experience with this form of diet using the Fat Fasting Kit, allowing the results to be more easily maintained post-diet.

Fat Fasting Kit takes out the complications of sustainable dieting that allows each consumer to consider Fat Fasting Kit as a convenient go-to monthly body rejuvenation reset. More information can be found at https://fatfastingkit.com/.

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