Free Form Shoes Introduces Barefoot Dress Shoes and Boots that Are Big on Health and Style

August 27 22:57 2021
The brand spared no expense and used the best quality materials without marking up the price.

The dress shoe world does not have a problem with aesthetics but with function. So as more people start to prefer comfort over style, they are left asking, “why should dress shoes have to be uncomfortable just to look good?” The founder of Free Form Shoes thought that style and comfort do not have to be mutually exclusive, so they created a product that fills the gap between form and function.

Setting out to change dress shoes, Free Form Shoes brings function and freedom to the dress shoe world. They work with classic styles while keeping the natural anatomy of the foot in the designs.

The founder has a background in physical therapy, so they are very familiar with the anatomy and function of the foot, ankle, toes, etc. They have also spent five years developing the product and talking with industry people to bring a lot of features into the shoes.

“Barefoot shoes have mostly been known for being better for your health but not as stylish as their designer counterparts until now,” stated a company representative. “Free Form Shoes focuses equally on style and health by creating dress shoes that allow your feet to be much more comfortable without losing sight of the main reason people buy dress shoes in the first place — to look good.”

Free Form Shoes wants the wearer’s feet to have the freedom to stay strong and mobile within a pair of shoes. These shoes are wrapped in clean, timeless styles made up of wool lining, better insoles, additional heel padding, lean lugs, high-quality leather and suedes and a lower heel drop.

The shoes have a barefoot toe box design – allowing the feet to be in a much more natural, comfortable position all day compared to typical dress shoes. They do not stick out like a sore thumb at an event. Looking at them from the top and sides, most people would not know the difference from other pairs with a similar style.

Their handmade dress shoes and boots are made for both men and women. Their leather comes from the Horween tannery in Chicago, Maryam tannery in Italy and C.F. Stead tannery in England – all world-class producers of leather.

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About Free Form Shoes

Founded in 2020, Free Form Shoes’ mission is to make shoes that embrace natural movement and connect the wearer to their body while staying connected to the designs they love.

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