Ivy Camps USA ramps up efforts to help high schoolers discover their passions, explore career paths

August 27 22:12 2021
Through a special pre-university career exploration program, Ivy Camps USA leads the way in helping high schoolers discover their interests and explore career paths.

Ivy Camps USA has stepped up efforts to support high school students during the critical transition between secondary school and university through a unique pre-university career exploration program. 

The organization has designed intensive career exploration courses for teens to help students at this age find their passions, and be more prepared to make well-informed decisions about future career paths. Ivy Camps USA also hopes that their programs will support teenagers in making the right decision for them when it comes time to choose a college major.  

“The program provides previews into specific career fields and offers mentorship for high school students to help them explore topics that they are interested in so that they can go into college knowing what they want to do and having a concrete major that they know they like,” says Hannah Garcia, Assistant Director of Marketing & Development at Ivy Camps USA. 

Learners can select from its bundle programs, allowing them to explore new interests and cultivate a sense of independence, or individual career classes meant for students to explore specific subjects. 

Ivy Camps USA provides pre-medical classes and pre-law classes as part of efforts to help students gain essential skills sets and explore their interests. Other subjects offered include Business, Architecture, Environmental Science, and Journalism, among others.

Ivy Camps USA also provides a blog section where teens get to discover other helpful college admission tips, topics on understanding standardized college tests, and the importance of soft skills for university success.

Ivy Camps USA has led the pack in offering courses in college application help, exploring careers, and college success. 

The live, online courses are all taught by instructors who come from top universities in the US. All of its instructors come from Ivy League and other top US universities. The instructors are trained to function as mentors as well, and provide exceptional advice that could benefit anyone who is preparing to go to college. 

“Ivy Camps USA believes in the power of career mentorship for high school students to support them on the path to college admissions,” stressed Hannah. 

Those looking to begin their journey to college success may visit the Ivy Camps website to learn more about its pre-university career exploration programs.

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