EcomBrandPR Now Offers A Guaranteed Path To Publication In Trusted News Outlets

August 27 21:00 2021
EcomBrandPR Now Offers A Guaranteed Path To Publication In Trusted News Outlets

Unlike many PR agencies that can’t promise to get a brand featured, EcomBrandPR is offering a revolutionary path to publication. By spending the last several years building a wide network of high-traffic news websites, EcomBrandPR allows online business owners to take advantage of its industry trust and authority to facilitate the publication process. 

EcomBrandPR understands that trying to get published can be expensive and risky. That’s why they eliminate that risk with their mission “to offer modern PR services with more guaranteed deliverables.” They guarantee a brand will get published within 7 days or they’ll get their money back.

Being published on television networks such as USA Today, Fox, CBS, or NBC provides a crucial edge over online competitors. It helps establish trust in new visitors’ eyes and increases conversion significantly.

Getting links from these high-authority media sites also improves rankings in Google searches. EcomBrandPR offers an ethical way to hack the algorithm that has become essential to the success of online businesses.

Pricing and Publishing

Pricing varies as demand for EcomBrandPR services can rise significantly during certain times of the year. However, outside of peak times, such as Q4, business owners can take advantage of EcomBrandPR’s trusted publishing services starting at under $200.

EcomBrandPR offers its services to e-commerce businesses looking to increase trust, traffic, authority, and online sales, but e-commerce business owners are not the only clients.

It only takes around 7-10 minutes to complete the 3 easy steps required to get a press release using EcomBrandPR’s order form on their website.

The EcomBrandPR team can write a newsworthy article, or clients can submit their own. The article can be about a promo, a product launch, a website launch, a collaboration, an event, or any relevant topic to get traffic and brand awareness. After publication, brand owners are advised to display that they’re featured on their website, social media, and ads.

Who are EcomBrandPR’s clients?

Those who can proudly display “As Seen On Fox, CBS, NBC, USA Today & more”. Frequent clients are:

– Online business owners who want to promote their website and products online and need more traffic and conversions (e-commerce, digital products, etc)

– Agency owners and freelancers who want to look established and get brand awareness

– Speakers and authors who want to get PR features for themselves or their own publications

– Influencers who want to get verified accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or other social platforms 

– SEO experts or website owners who want to get their clients’ websites ranked on Google by using high authority news websites

EcomBrandPR is a UK-based company with team members and writers from the USA and Europe. 

Video about EcomBrandPR’s services:

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