HomeFi is Giving America Affordable High-Speed Internet at Home and on the Go

August 27 20:21 2021
Getting great Wi-Fi doesn’t have to be complicated.

HomeFi, a new internet service company is making high-speed internet accessible and affordable for people all over America, especially those in rural areas who typically do not have access to high-speed internet and Wi-Fi options.

Founded in 2021, Homefi set out to “fix a major problem in America,” says Operations Manager, John Wilkenson. “There is no reason that people in rural areas shouldn’t have access to the same type of internet service and coverage that people in major metro cities get. So we came up with a creative solution to help solve the problem.”

HomeFi partners with Simo Connect, who makes portable LTE hotspot devices. With the Simo Connect device, HomeFi is able to connect a range of high-speed internet plans that run off of a number of major networks across the country. Using Simo Connects patented technology, the device will automatically connect to the strongest signal in your area, no matter where you travel in the US.

With HomeFi, users can connect up to five devices to the hotspot device and receive top-quality 4G LTE service. The device is also wireless and portable, so it can be used in the house as a home internet or on the go as a mobile hotspot. It comes with a USB cord for quick charging.

HomeFi plans start at $80 for 200gb of service. Other plans include 300gb for $90, 450gb for $100 and 800gb for $135. The device comes free with the purchase of any plan. There are also no contracts or hidden fees. Payment for service is made on a monthly basis.

HomeFi makes note on their website that the device will come fully activated, so the set-up process is quick and simple. HomeFi lists many use cases for the HomeFi service and device included but not limited to home internet, streaming, TV connecting, gaming, work-from-home, camping, RV use, and more.

“Getting great Wi-Fi doesn’t have to be complicated,” added John Wilkensoni. “We’re excited for people to experience the ease of use and effectiveness of our device. The fact you can use the same device as your home internet as well as an on-the-go option is a huge perk for a lot of people. It’s time everyone in the US get the internet they deserve.”

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